Difference Between MaxiScan JP701 Code Reader and PS701 Japanese Car Diagnostic Tool

Referring to Subaru, we know it is Japanese car; and referring to Japanese car diagnostic tool, we may know JP701 Code Reader and Xtool PS701 scanner as well as the newest ALLSCANNER SUBARU SSM-III. For Subaru diagnostic, which one is the best one? I want to say it depends on your need and your funds, all of the three Japanese car diagnostic tools are good. Let us have a comparison on them from the following aspects: covered car models, function, language available, handheld or pc-based and update


MaxiScan JP701 Code Reader for Japanese 

PS701 Japanese Car Diagnostic Tool

Covered car models

ALLSCANNER Subaru SSM-III SSM3 is specially designed to diagnose Subaru, so it is more professional in diagnosing Subaru.


PS701 JP diagnostic tool supports diagnosing TOYOTA, HONDA, MITSUBISHI, SUBARU, SUZUKI, and NISSAN, so PS701 supports diagnosing some models of SUBARU, not only for Subaru, it can’t support as many Subaru models as Subaru SSM-III does. Why not now browse to check PS701 covered Subaru car list.


JP701 is another innovative muti-function scan tool especially for major Japanese cars such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Subaru and Mitsubishi, so like PS701 is not only for Subaru car models either.



If we only want to simply get one Subaru code reader to read and erase trouble codes, we had better get JP701 scanner or xtool PS701, moreover they are much cheaper than Subaru SSM-III.


Language available

ALLSCANNER Subaru SSM-III languages supported: English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese.

xtool PS701 scanner is only English available.

MaxiScan JP701 Code Reader is only English available.

If we are Japanese users, we prefer the tool is Japanese available, if not it maybe have some trouble in understanding English, especially for those their English is not so good. So, please note this.


Handheld or pc-based computer

xtool PS701 scanner and MaxiScan JP701 is no need to run in computer to test, they are handheld scanner. While Subaru SSM3 have to install the software in a computer, then to test based on computer.

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