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    Consult-3 Plus for Nissan V65.12 Nissan Diagnostic Tool Support Programming

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    Technical Support


    Consult-3 Plus for Nissan V65.12 Nissan Diagnostic Tool Support Programming 

    Top 5 Reasons to Get Nissan Consult 3 Plus:
    1. Support Nissan till year 2016

    Nissan Consult-3 Plus Software Version : V65.12
    Nissan Consult-3 Plus CSP Software Version : CSP V41.10
    Nissan Consult-3 Plus Programming Data Version : Pplus_V65.1F
    2. Support both diagnostic and programming, while if you want to make key programming, still need to buy Security Card for Nissan Consult 3 Plus
    3. Multi-Languages: English, Portuguese (Newly Add), French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Finnish, Greek, Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional)
    4. Communication Mode: USB 2.0 / Bluetooth
    5. Can be installed on Windows XP, WIN7 & WIN10

    Consult -3 Plus for Nissan Function:

    Consult-3 Plus for Nissan can support all the models of the Nissan and Infiniti from 1996 up till now, with all Consult II & III functions .
    And Consult III Plus can calcaulate the new 20 digital password for the Nissan new cars.

    1. Consult-3 Plus for Nissan (Nissan Consult 3+) work for all nissan car , infiniti car and nissan gtr car to 2016.
    2. Consult-3 Plus for Nissan work with obd-16 connector for the new kind of car, work with 14 pin connector for the old kind of car.
    3. Consult-3 Plus for Nissan support nissan car electrolic system diagnostic function.
    4. Consult-3 Plus for Nissansupport nissan electromobiles such as Leaf.

    Conslu-3 for Nissan Car List:

    1. Scantool Diagnostics:for all Nissan,Infiniti,GTR
    2. Immobi and Smart key:for all Nissan,Infiniti,GTR
    3. Nissan GTR: for Nissan GTR Diagbostics and Immobi
    4. Electromobiles car:for Nissan Electromobiles car Diagbostics and Immobi

    Consult-3 for Nissan Packing List:

    1pc* Consult 3 Plus for Nissan Vehicle Communication Module + OBD16 Cable
    1pc* 14Pin Line for Nissan
    1pc* USB 2.0 Cable
    1pc* Bluetooth
    1pc* Power Supply
    1pc* Casebox

    Q1: What is the difference among Nissan consult 3, consult 4 and Nissan consult 3 plus? Can Nissan consult 4 remap ECU and change IGN time-limited parameter?
    1) Nissan consult 3 and consult 4 share the same software version and parts, the difference between them is the appearance and the quality;
    2) Nissan consult3 plus is the newest-released Nissan diagnostic  it supports the Nissan up to 2016 year. And only Nissan Consult 3 Plus can support programming.
    Q2: What additional card needed when use Nissan Consult-3 plus to make key?
    A2: It need additional card, it needs for making key, this card is Nissan Consult-3 plus Security Card, otherwise the button "Immobilizer key" is gray color and is unavailable.

    User Comment(Total 11 User Comment Num)

    • by Ross Johnstone,Dec 21,2017

      How is the update?

      Reply #1 by Vivian Dec 21,2017
      Hello,you can update by CD or download online


    • by thomas mueskens,Dec 08,2017

      Support a wide range model of the Nissan.It is convenient.

      Reply #1 by Vivian Dec 08,2017
      Thank you for your feedback


    • by Takamitsu Imase,Nov 26,2017

      Hello kelly.

      Thank you for your great engineer.

      GTR menu activated and Every thing work fine.
      Thank you so much.

      Reply #1 by Kelly Nov 27,2017
      Thank you so much for your feedback. We are looking forward to do business with you again!


    • by Prakash,Oct 26,2017

      Please let me know whether we can diagnose Nissan X-trail Hybrid.?
      Can get Hybrid battery information.?
      How we can update it to 2017 software..?

      Reply #1 by obd2tool Oct 27,2017
      Thank you for your inquiry,it can support Nissan X-trail Hybrid and it can't get the battery information.You can update by CD or download online.


    • by Serge Frayssinet,Oct 20,2014

      hi friend ,may i know the difference between this one and the other Nissan Consult III please ,that one is much cheaper

      Reply #1 by OBD2TOOL Oct 20,2014
      Hi friend,
      Glad to receive your inquiry.
      Engineer said,nissan consult plus use the latest firmware and software ,can do nissan cars to the latest 2013,and nissan 3 can only do cars before 2011.
      Best regards & thanks


    • by Stephan Linden,Oct 20,2014

      Can the software be loaded on any laptop or does it need to be loaded on a Panasonic toughbook

      Reply #1 by OBD2TOOL Oct 20,2014
      Hi friend
      Good day!
      Better to use with a Windows XP system computer,thank you!


    • by Balazs Bocsa,Oct 16,2014

      Can Nissan Plus do ECU programming for my Nissan Altima 2.5L year 2012 please ?

    • by Christian Stödberg,Aug 23,2014

      Is Nissan Consult-3 plus the best Nissan diagnostic tool?

      Reply #1 by OBD2TOOL Aug 23,2014
      Hi,dear friend
      Yes, so far it is the best for diagnosing Nissan.
      Thank you and best regards


    • by Kim Hee Soo,Aug 23,2014

      hi, i have original software by nissan consult 3 plus, so your interface can work with this software??

    • by Christopher Teal,Jul 25,2014

      What additional card needed when use Nissan Consult-3 plus to program ECU and make key?

      Reply #1 by OBD2TOOL Jul 25,2014
      Hi,dear friend
      It doesn’t need additional card for programming ECU; but it needs for making key, this card is Nissan Consult-3 plus Security Card, otherwise the button "Immobilizer key" is gray color and is unavailable.
      Thank you and best regards


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