Steps to install Digimaster 3 software

As we all know, digimaster 3 is best mileage tool which made in china, this tool is a touch-screen unit with powerful function.

But once you get it, you have to install and activate it,of course, OBD2TOOL offer you this free help,and can help you install and activate well before ship.

Some customer who has interest in digimaster iii scanner can check the step below,how to use and install digimaster 3 software.

1 Installing D3 tool

step 1:Double-click the installation files in the CD.

step 2: Choose the route of installation

step 3:Open the software interface as below after installation

2 Connect the D3 with PC and internet

Step 1:Connect the D3 USB with pc.Click “cancel” after the window bombed as below

Step 2:Click “ok” to close the bomed warming dialog.

Step 3:The below window will appear after successful connecting with device

step 4: Just reconnected the USB cable if the USB connecting is cut showed as below windows.