Why choose 2018 CARFANS C800 Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic Scanner?

CAR FANS C800 is fully optimized based on the OEM scanner, which enhances the comprehensive diagnostic capability of the diesel vehicle. Some of the functions are based on the advanced technology accumulated by the R & D team for many years, and are superior to other similar diagnostic products in the industry. The main diagnostic functions include reading the version information, reading/clearing the fault code, actual values, actuators, advanced function (special function, matching settings, functional test, diesel calibration) and so on.

CARFANS C800 support 35 Heavy duty brand, 21 BUS Brand, 16 Passenger car Brand, 32 Machinery vehicle brand and 46 ECU System, almost cover all brand heavy duty vehicles in market.

C800 Truck Diagnostic Tool Function:
Read Fault code
Erase Fault code
Actual Values

CARFANS C800 Heavy Duty Scanner Menu & Function Display:
Commercial vehicle


Passenger vehicle


Engine &ECU


Home interface


System selection interface


Advanced Function- Adjustment/Setting


Special Function-Coding interface



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