Allscanner VXDIAG JLR SDD Software Installation and Connection

Use the original factory diagnosis functions, for example JLR SDD

Installation VX Manager

Before start to diagnose vehicle, you have to install VX Manager and driver which are stored in the CD-ROM, or you can browse to download the newest setup files.

Computer Requirements
Processor: Pentium 4/1.6GHz+.

Memory: 2G Bytes or more.

Hard disk: 40G or more.

Display: Resolution 1024×768 or higher.

Network interfaces: LAN 10/100M or 802.11b/g.

Communication Interface: USB2.0 or USB3.0

Operating System:Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win8.1


1. Run VX Manager.exe to setup

  1. Click [Next]

  1. Select [I accept the agreement],then click [Next]

  1. During installation, disconnect USB cable to the PC, then click [Next]

  1. Software Installing……

  1. VXDIAG SDK Driver installing……

  1. Setup [Finish]

Setup complete. The shortcut will create on the desktop.

Connection device and run VX Manager, The information of device will be displayed in “Device Manager”.

VXDIAG Connection

Connect OBD-II cable to the vehicle 16-pin diagnostic port, and USB cable to the PC.

VXDIAG connection diagram

VXDIAG connection diagram:

The first time connect VXDIAG, you need to install USB driver.

The products have been installed USB driver, you neet to connected VXDIAG, then go to The Next Step

Buy License and Update

The products have been Update License, you can go to The Next Step.

Installation OEM Driver

Click [Diagnostic Apps] tab on VX Manager software interface, then click [My Apps]

Click [JLR SDD] and you will get a driver installation window, then click [Install]

If JLR SDD have been installed, then click [Update] to Update JLR SDD driver.

“Install Complete” click [close]

run Original Factory Diagnosis Software

Click [Diagnostic Apps] tab on VX Manager software interface, then click [My Apps]

Click [JLR SDD] and you will get a window, then click [Run] to run JLR SDD diagnosis software.

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