How to program the Central Control Module (CCM) with GM Tech2 Tech II Scanner?

GM Tech II Software Listing :


GM-English            33.004 1991-2014

GM-Spanish            33.002 1991-2014

GM-Germany            32.007 1991-2013

GM-Japanese           32.006 1991-2013

GM-French             32.007 1991-2013

GM-Italiana           32.007 1991-2013

GM-Portuguese         32.002 1991-2013

GM-Korean             32.002 1991-2013

GM-China              32.002 1991-2013



OPEL-English          Newly Update to V180  1997-2014

OPEL-Italian          Newly Update to V180   1997-2014

OPEL- Polski          Newly Update to V180   1997-2014

OPEL- German          Newly Update to V180   1997-2014

OPEL- Turkish         Newly Update to V180   1997-2014

GM Tech2 Card Opel Software Update to V180 Support Cars from the Year 1997 to 2014



SUZUKI-English         V01.210.020



SAAB-English           V148.000



ISUZU-English  CAN-BUS   V180 2006-2015 (CAN-BUS support car models after 2010)

ISUZU-English  K-Line    V11.680  1996-2014 (K-line support car models from 1996 to 2014)



Holden-English           V149.000  1999-2013 (For North American Area Only)

Holden-English            V147.000  1999-2012 (For Australia)


Please note:

It Can Only Support 12V Cars, No Trucks


How to program the Central Control Module (CCM) with GM Tech2 Tech II Scanner?

Tool:GM Tech2

Models: 1994-1996 Chevrolet Corvette


Condition/ Concern:

The following process should be used to program a service (replacement) Central Control Module (CCM) on a 1994-1996 Corvette.

It may be found that the option F0 : PROGRAM CCM is not available on the Tech I.



Note: The PCM must be programmed prior to programming the CCM if both have been replaced.


Program PCM

Remove class 2 line from DLC pin position number 2.

Install Tech 2 and request information from the vehicle, download PCM calibration from TIS to the Tech 2 and then upload to the vehicle.

Reinstall class 2 line to the DLC.


Program CCM

Install the Tech 1 with VIM cable adaptor P/N 3000091.

Select programming, model year, 4th digit of the vin, select the module (CCM), Program CCM, select location (North America), enter the rest of the vin, select transmission type, odometer select (miles or kilometers), enter odometer reading, programming is complete.


Note: Tech1 adaptor TA02149 will only work on the 12 pin DLC connectors that are typically found on model year 1993 and prior.