2014 Porsche Cayenne Base Default Coding List by Launch x431 v+

2014 Porsche Cayenne Base Default Coding List by Launch X431 V+

After my parking brake coding fiasco yesterday, I thought I go through all the modules and take down all the default coding. See below for the default coding on a 2014 base model with the following equipment. Maybe others can chime in and provide additional coding info.

Airbag > 000000000000000000000000000000003148

Gateway > 0011

(DME) Digital Engine Electronics > 006A0012433601000000

Transmission Control > 00B568

Instrument Cluster > 5E038DD2DF112B

Steering Wheel Electronic > 916E03

Additional Instrument:Watch > 0100000000004B0096000000

Air Conditioning > 0580E80100000000

Park Assist> 000022

Parking Brake > 01030100

Tire Pressure Monitoring(TPM) > 01041F00

(PSM)Porsche Stability Management > AB84536949880568D57FCA69925EA0501700

Front-End Electronics > 02000040715D10351C07C155313E2121222210EF020000000003079F

Rear-End Electronics > 02060261404105FC028F003717

Left Headlight > 2EA41A

Right Headlight > 2EA41A

Driver-Side Seat Memory > 22081B002F00400000005C00000000002020

Passenger-Side Seat Memory > 22001A002F00400000005400000000002020

Driver’s Door > 012F53207EA0436203050000

Passenger’s Door > 012F53207EA0436203050000

Rear Left Door > 010E512021A0236013000000

Right Rear Door > 010E512021A0236013000000

All-Wheel Drive > 01

Rear Lid > 0123018123