How to Program TPMS for Cadillac ATS-L by Launch X431 TSGUN

This instruction show you guide on how to use Launch X431 TSGUN and Launch X431 V PAD to do TPMS programming for Cadillac ATS-L. For more topic about Launch X431,please check:Launch X431 Projects

What You Need?
Launch X431 TSGUN and Launch X431 PAD V / PAD VII

Before doing the programming, please make sure that your TPMS software has been updated to the newest version.
Notice: You need Bind X431 TSGUN with Your Launch X431 PAD V before you perform TPMS programming.

Power on Launch X431 V and X431 TSGUN, build connection between them.
After then select “TPMS” on X431 V pad menu

Then click “OK” to wait checking the Bluetooth connection

Select vehicle market and model
America market


Select “ATS-L”

Now click “Auto” button to generate new sensor ID automatically
It show currently ID, just click “Programming”

Then wait TPMS programming processing

TPMS programming finish