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    OEM BeePROG+ Programmer Update By Email

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    Technical Support


    OEM BeeProg+ Universal Programmer Update by Email

    The Beeprog+ is a professional universal programming device for development, service, production, and mobile applications. In addition to the comprehensive component support and extremely fast programming, the Beeprog+ offers a rugged housing which is suitable for industrial applications.
    The BeeProg+ programs nearly all available chips like: EPROMs, paged EPROMs, EEPROMs, serial EEPROMs, FLASH memory (NOR and NAND), bipolar PROMs, NVRAMs, Microcontrollers, GALs, PALCEs, PLD's, SPLDs, CPLDs, EPLDs, Firmware HUBs, MCU, standard logic.

    Product Description
    Keep-Current and AlgOR services, our next step towards customer satisfaction. 
    Keep-Current service means, that ELNEC ships the latest version of programmer software and updated user 
    documentation (Keep-Current package) to customer . The Keep-Current service is your hassle-free guarantee 
    that you achieving the highest quality programming on ELNEC programmers, at minimal cost.
    AlgOR (Algorithm On Request) service gives the user a tool to influence amount and types of programmed 
    devices as needed.
    Advanced design of the BeeProg+ programmer, including protective circuits, original brand components, and
     careful manufacturing and burning allows us to provide a three-year warranty on parts and labor for the 
    programmer (limited 25 000-cycle warranty on ZIF sockets).

    SpecificationHARDWAREBase unit, DACs 
    * USB 2.0 port 
    * FPGA based IEEE 1284 slave printer port, up to 1MB/s transfer rate 
    * on-board intelligence: powerful microprocessor and FPGA based state machine 
    three D/A converters for VCCP, VPP1, and VPP2, controllable rise and fall time 
    * VCCP range 0..8V/1A 
    * VPP1, VPP2 range 0..26V/1A 
    * autocalibration 
    * selftest capability 
    * protection against surge and ESD on power supply input, parallel port connection

    ZIF socket, pindriver 
    * 48-pin DIL ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) socket accepts both 300/600 mil devices up to 48-pin 
    * pindrivers: 48 universal 
    * VCCP/VPP1/VPP2 can be connected to each pin 
    * perfect ground for each pin 
    * FPGA based TTL driver provides H, L, CLK, pull-up, pull-down on all pindriver pins 
    * analog pindriver output level selectable from 1.8 V up to 26V 
    * current limitation, overcurrent shutdown, power failure shutdown 
    * ESD protection on each pin of socket (IEC1000-4-2: 15kV air, 8kV contact) 
    * continuity test: each pin is tested before every programming operation 
    * ISP connector 
    * 10-pin male type with missinsertion lock 
    * 5 TTL pindrivers, provides H, L, CLK, pull-up, pull-down; level H selectable from 1.8V up to 5V to 
    handle all (low-voltage including) devices. 
    * 1x VCCP voltage (range 2V..7V/100mA), can be applied to pins 1, 3 
    * programmed chip voltage (VCCP) with both source/sink capability and voltage sense 
    * 1x VPP voltage (range 2V..25V/50mA), can be applied to pins 2,3,4,6,8,10
    * target system supply voltage (range 2V..6V/250mA)

    DEVICE SUPPORTProgrammer, in ZIF socket 
    * EPROM: NMOS/CMOS, 2708*, 27xxx and 27Cxxx series, with 8/16 bit data width, full support for 
    LV series 
    * EEPROM: NMOS/CMOS, 28xxx, 28Cxxx, 27EExxx series, with 8/16 bit data width 
    * Flash EPROM: 28Fxxx, 29Cxxx, 29Fxxx, 29BVxxx, 29LVxxx, 29Wxxx, 49Fxxx series, from 256Kbit to 
    32Mbit, with 8/16 bit data width, full support for LV series 
    * Serial E(E)PROM: 24Cxxx, 24Fxxx, 25Cxxx, 45Dxxx, 59Cxxx, 25Fxxx, 25Pxxx, 85xxx, 93Cxxx, 
    NVM3060, MDAxxx series, full support for LV series 
    * Configuration (EE)PROM: XCFxxx, XC17xxxx, XC18Vxxx, EPCxxx, AT17xxx, 37LVxx 
    * 1-Wire E(E)PROM: DS1xxx, DS2xxx 
    * PROM: AMD, Harris, National, Philips/Signetics, Tesla, TI 
    * NV RAM: Dallas DSxxx, SGS/Inmos MKxxx, SIMTEK STKxxx, XICOR 2xxx, ZMD U63x series 
    * PLD: Altera: MAX 3000A, MAX 7000A, MAX 7000B, MAX 7000S, MAX7000AE 
    * PLD: Lattice: ispGAL22V10x, ispLSI1xxx, ispLSI1xxxEA, ispLSI2xxx, ispLSI2xxxA, ispLSI2xxxE,
     ispLSI2xxxV, ispLSI2xxxVE, ispLSI2xxxVL, LC4xxxB/C/V/ZC, M4-xx/xx, M4A3-xx/xx, M4A5-xx/xx, 
    * PLD: Xilinx: XC9500, XC9500XL, XC9500XV, CoolRunner XPLA3, CoolRunner-II
    other PLD: SPLD/CPLD series: AMI, Atmel, AMD-Vantis, Gould, Cypress, ICT, Lattice, NS, Philips,
     STM, VLSI, TI 
    * Microcontrollers 48 series: 87x41, 87x42, 87x48, 87x49, 87x50 series 
    * Microcontrollers 51 series: 87xx, 87Cxxx, 87LVxx, 89Cxxx, 89Sxxx, 89LVxxx, all manufacturers,
     Philips LPC series 
    * Microcontrollers Intel 196 series: 87C196 KB/KC/KD/KT/KR/... 
    * Microcontrollers Atmel AVR: AT90Sxxxx, ATtiny, ATmega series 
    * Microcontrollers Cypress: CY8Cxxxxx 
    * Microcontrollers ELAN: EM78Pxxx 
    * Microcontrollers Microchip PICmicro: PIC10xxx, PIC12xxx, PIC16xxx, PIC17Cxxx, PIC18xxx, 
    dsPIC series 
    * Microcontrollers Motorola: 68HC05, 68HC08, 68HC11 series 
    * Microcontrollers National: COP8xxx series 
    * Microcontrollers NEC: uPD78Pxxx series 
    * Microcontrollers Scenix (Ubicom): SXxxx series 
    * Microcontrollers SGS-Thomson: ST6xx, ST7xx, ST10xx series 
    * Microcontrollers TI: MSP430 and MSC121x series 
    * Microcontrollers ZILOG: Z86/Z89xxx and Z8xxx series 
    * Microcontrollers other: EM Microelectronic, Fujitsu, Goal Semiconductor, Hitachi, Holtek, Princeton, 
    Macronix, Winbond, Infineon(Siemens), NEC, Samsung, Toshiba, ... 

    Programmer, through ISP connector 
    * Serial E(E)PROM: IIC series 
    * Microcontrollers Atmel: AT89Sxxx, AT90Sxxxx, ATtiny, ATmega series 
    * Microcontrollers Cypress: CY8C2xxxx 
    * Microcontrollers Elan: EM78Pxxx 
    * Microcontrollers EM Microelectronic: 4 and 8 bit series 
    * Microcontrollers Microchip PICmicro: PIC10xxx, PIC12xxx, PIC16xxx, PIC17xxx, * PIC18xxx, dsPIC series 
    * Microcontrollers Motorola/Freescale: HC08 GT, LJ, QY, QT series 
    * Microcontrollers Philips: LPC series 
    * Microcontrollers TI: MSP430 
    * PLD: Lattice: ispGAL22xV10x, ispLSI1xxxEA, ispLSI2xxxE, 
    * ispLSI2xxxV, ispLSI2xxxVE, ispLSI2xxxVL, M4-xx/xx, M4LV-xx/xx, M4A3-xx/xx, M4A5-xx/xx, LC4xxxB/C/V/ZC 
    * Various PLD (also by JAM player/JTAG support):
    * Altera: MAX 3000A, MAX 7000A, MAX 7000B, MAX 7000S, MAX 9000, MAX II
    * Xilinx: XC9500, XC9500XL, XC9500XV, CoolRunner XPLA3, CoolRunner-II 

    devices marked * are obsolete, programming with additional module 
    for all supported devices see actual DEVICE LIST 
    * I.C. Tester 
    * TTL type: 54,74 S/LS/ALS/H/HC/HCT series 
    * CMOS type: 4000, 4500 series 
    * Static RAM: 6116 .. 624000 
    * User definable test pattern generation
    * Package support 
    * package support includes DIP, PLCC, SOIC, PSOP, SSOP, TSOP, TSSOP, TQFP, QFN (MLF), SDIP, BGA and other 
    * support all devices in DIP with default socket 
    * support devices in non-DIP packages up to 48 pins with universal adapters 
    * programmer is compatible with third-party adapters for non-DIP support 

    Programming speed Notes:
    It is important to know, we always use random numbers pattern for programming speed testing. Some our 
    competitors use "sparse" pattern, where only few non-Blak data are programmed or are there are used data 
    with only few 0 bits (FE, EF, etc.). This cheating approach can "decrease" programming time considerable. If you
     plan to compare, ask always which pattern they use.
    The programming speed depends on PC speed only slightly.
    If the programmer attached to PC through LPT port, the programming might take longer.

    Device Size [bits] Operation Time
    AT29C040A (parallel Flash) 80000Hx8 (4 Mega) programming and verify 21 sec.
    AM29DL323DB (parallel Flash) 208000Hx16 (32 Mega) programming and verify 38 sec.
    AM29DL640 (parallel Flash) 400080Hx16 (64 Mega) programming and verify 76 sec.
    AT45D081 (serial Flash) 108000Hx8 (16 Mega) programming and verify 43 sec.
    AT89C51RD2 (microcontroller) 10000Hx8 programming and verify 15 sec.
    PIC18LF452 (microcontroller) 4000Hx16 programming and verify 4 sec.
    Conditions: P4, 2.4 GHz, USB 2.0, Windows XP.

    Algorithms: only manufacturer approved or certified algorithms are used. Custom algorithms are available at 
    additional cost.
    Algorithm updates: software updates are available approx. every 2 weeks, free of charge.
    Main features: revision history, session logging, on-line help, device and algorithm information.
    Device operations

    * intelligent device selection by device type, manufacturer or typed fragment of * part name 
    * automatic ID-based selection of EPROM/Flash EPROM 
    * blank check, read, verify 
    * program 
    * erase 
    * configuration and security bit program 
    * illegal bit test 
    * checksum 
    * interprete the Jam Standard Test and Programming Language (STAPL), JEDEC standard JESD-71 
    * interprete the VME files compressed binary variation of SVF files
    * insertion test, reverse insertion check 
    * contact check 
    * ID byte check

    * production mode (automatic start immediately after device insertion) 
    * auto device serial number increment 
    * statistic 
    * count-down mode 
    * Buffer operations 
    * view/edit, find/replace 
    * fill/copy, move, byte swap, word/dword split 
    * checksum (byte, word) 
    * print 
    * File load/save 
    * no download time because programmer is PC controlled 
    * automatic file type identification 

    Supported file formats
    * unformatted (raw) binary 
    * HEX: Intel, Intel EXT, Motorola S-record, MOS, Exormax, Tektronix, ASCII- SPACE-HEX 
    * Altera POF, JEDEC (ver. 3.0.A), eg. from ABEL, CUPL, PALASM, TANGO PLD, OrCAD PLD, PLD Designer ISDATA, etc. 
    * JAM (JEDEC STAPL Format), JBC (Jam STAPL Byte Code), STAPL (STAPL File) JEDEC standard JESD-71 
    * VME (ispVME file VME2.0/VME3.0) 
    * GENERALPC system requirements 
    * Common, software related requirements 
    * Programmer hardware related requirements: 
    * either one USB port, 2.0 compatible 
    * or one (parallel) printer port with nothing attached, the IEEE 1284 compatible printer port (ECP/EPP)

    PCI bus recommended 
    * operating voltage 15V..18V DC, max. 1A 
    * power consumption max. 12W active, about 2W sleep 
    * dimensions 160x190x42 mm (6.3x7.5x1.7 inch) 
    * weight (without external adapter) 0.9kg (1.98 lb) 
    * temperature 5��C �� 40��C (41��F �� 104��F) 
    * humidity 20%..80%, non condensing 
    * Package includes 
    * BeeProg+ programmer 
    * switching power adapter 100..240V AC/15V DC/1A 
    * connection cable PC-programmer, LPT port 
    * connection cable PC-programmer, USB port 
    * ISP cable 
    * diagnostic POD for selftest of the programmer 
    * anti-dust cover for ZIF socket 
    * user manual 
    * software 
    * registration card 
    * transport case 
    * Additional services

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