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    CI-PROG300 Remote and Car Chip Adapter

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    Technical Support


    CI-PROG300 Remote and Car Chip Adapter

    This tool is out of stock.We strongly recommend another similar product:


    This device can suitable for following cars:

    Toyota Lexus Series:

    Toyota currently supported matching smart card to 2011
    Base on Toyota red OBD increase keys and smart card. Delete, matching the remote control
    Also support matching the latest Toyota G chip transponder key.
    VOLKSWAGEN Series:

    Support to read the password from  the  old  Passat (3BD920802)Touareg Cayenne Audi A6 and Part of the Gauer and so on. Meanwhile it support Audi A6 and old Passat mileage adjustment.

    Honda Series:

    Now support matching smart cards and key to 2011
    (Note: currently does not support matching 3-pin Honda key , later will be amended)
    Hyundai Series:
    Currently supported Hyundai smart cards match  to 2011
    For example,IX35 require a password etc
    Support  matching  the latest 6-digit password Yuet  I30,Yu Xiang  and so on.
    Also support matching Santa Fe 1.8T 8-bit password key , support matching Hyundai remote control .
    Nissan series:
    Now support matching smart cards and key to 2011
    Suzuki Swift series
    Without password  matching key for Suzuki tian yu . Also supportsBenni and CM8  Joice Mazda Series
    Support matching FAW Mazda M3 M5 M6 key and smart card
    Also supports matching Hainan Mazda key . For example, Holford Star, ect
    General (GM) Series:
    Support matching the latest Cruz new LaCrosse new Regal Hideo smart key . (above models the Software need to buy separately)
    Support matching Excelle Lova Aveo Epica key
    Lova and Aveo no need password for key matching but Epica need password.
    Support matching the old Regal LaCrosse and other remote control
    Kia Series:
    currently supported smart card matches to 2011
    For example: Matching Furui di smart card
    Support matching the latest key and the remote control
    Chery Series:
    The only equipment directly OBD read Chery password
    The conditions of directly read 4-digit password via Chery OBD:
    (1) changed the security password
    (2) replacement of anti-theft cases do not enter a new frame number
    Above two cases read the password is wrong password
    directly insert a new key when Matching the key
    If you insert the key that already registered then sometimes prompts the communication failure
    Support Matching remote control
    When read out the password the  equipment will show three groups security password .
    generally speaking, the first group is the correct security password  for this car.
    China auto Series:
    In addition to the original equipment, the only other matching machine which support to match Chinese auto smart card. No need password
    When matching the key, the system 1 and system 2 does not require password .But System 3 require it . The password is 3950.
    Please insert the new key when matching, if you insert the key already registered then sometimes prompts the communication failure.

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