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    Autologic vehicle diagnostics tool for MERCEDES-BENZ

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    Autologic Vehicle Diagnostics Tool For Mercedes-Benz

    1. This One is Copy. It Can Not Be Updated. 
    2. Multiplexer Can Not Be Dismantled. Otherwise, It Will Be Not Under Warranty
    3. Coverage: Autologic MERCEDES-BENZ covers vehicles before 2011
    1. Autologic MERCEDES-BENZ gives independent garages the confidence to undertake any service and repair work required and enables independent garages to specialise without having to involve the dealer or call in outside help.
    2. Autologic MERCEDES-BENZ is a genuine alternative to 'Star', often providing quicker diagnostics, coding and programming than other MERCEDES-BENZ diagnostic tools.Additional features of Autologic MERCEDES-BENZ over other diagnostic tools include fitting aftermarket components and an increased number of retrofits.
    3. Autologic MERCEDES-BENZ is easy to navigate. Information is displayed on a large touch-sensitive screen through a simple menu structure, supported by extensive help screens
    4. The Autologic diagnostic tool for MERCEDES-BENZ vehicles is without doubt the most comprehensive tool to be made available to independent MERCEDES-BENZ specialists.
    5. Autologic MERCEDES-BENZ is unique in offering full fault code read and re-set, dynamic data, activation of components, clearing and setting of adaptation values, coding and programming of control modules (including SCN).
    Compatible Car Model:
    1. The standard Autologic software coverage

    2. SCN Coding (Software Calibration Number)
    SCN coding is used by an increasing number of ECU's as the method for coding. SCN coding replaces the old method of multiple options, where the user selects and edits each coding option.
    SCN coding codes the control module with predefined coding based on the VIN and part number.

    3. Full variant coding
    Autologic offers full variant coding on all modules.This gives users the ability to perform variant coding on any control module. Any new or existing control modules can be coded to suit the options or requirements of that specific car.Retrofitting of components is also possible.

    4. Special Functions
    The Autologic diagnostic tool can provide functions that the dealer tool can't provide such as TV activation and airbag unlocking
    TVs by default are restricted from being viewed whilst the car is in motion. Using Autologic this limitation can be removed on a number of vehicles.
    Similarly, an airbag which is normally interlocked to a vehicle can be unlocked to allow coding to be changed or the airbag fitted to another vehicle.

    5. Injector coding and classification
    Injector coding I classification is an important function on the Mercedes software. This function will allow the user to replace the injectors for new and used parts but more importantly the ECU will know the exact specification of the injector fitted. This process is critical as the IMA code is used by the controller to determine the injector fitted, which will in turn determine how the fuel is delivered.

    6. WSP key coding
    The WSP (Immobiliser) module has a unique method of coding the keys. This method requires the new key to be put in the ignition then a random generated number is displayed on Autologic and the correct code is then entered using Autologic. All vehicles fitted with a WSP will require this method to code new keys.

    7. ECU programming

    Autologic Vehicle Diagnostics Tool Software Display

    Packing List:

    1pc x Autologic vehicle diagnostics tool for MERCEDES-BENZ

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