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    FAQ About BMW ICOM Software

    BY OBD2TOOL  2012-06-07

    Q: Does it have any limitation for the operation system? Or just can be used on Windows XP System?

    A: BMW ICOM software can be used on Windows XP and Win7. But For Win7 system, you'd better to use Win7 64 Bit. If your computer is Laptop, your computer should be dual core  2.0

    CPU, 4G RAM, 250GB. If your computer is desktop computer, your computer should be Inter i3\i5 CPU, 8GRAM, and 250 G 72000 RPM Hard disk.

    Q: Does it have Multi-languages? Such as Portuguese?
    A: Sorry, BMW ICOM Software just has English, no other languages.

    Q: Can it update via internet?
    A: Sorry, it cannot update via internet, and you just can do all the functions offline.

    Q: Do we need to run it by Virtual Machine?
    A:  Yes, you need to install the software on the VWWARE, and operate it by Virtual Machine.

    Q: Is it including all the software of Original BMW software? Can it do diagnosing and coding for BMW?
    A:  The software includes: ISTA/D (ISID2): diagnostic system, V28.
                                                    ISTA/P (ISSS 2.45): offline programming

    Q: How many modes does BMW ICOM Software include?
    A: It includes ISTA/D mode and ISTA/P mode.

    Q: Does it include ISTAP and ISTAD?
    A: Yes.

    Q: If you get the BMW ICOM from you,may I work it with all computer?
    A: Yes.There are two HDD format for BMW ICOM.BMW ICOM BMW ISIS ISID external HDD fit for any PC.BMW ICOM BMW ISIS ISID internal HDD only format for Dell E6420 /E5420 Laptop.

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