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    ICARSCAN work for Mercedes Benz ABS ESP Read Data Stream

    New ICarScan diagnostic tool is available. This is the smart bluetooth obd2 code reader suit for people who owing a small automotive repair shop. ICARSCAN diagnostic adapter allowed you to add any car brands and special functions as you want.

    LAUNCH ICARSCAN is 158USD , You can free to have any 5 car brand software + 3 special functions. That means you can free to get any 8 software!

    for example:

    Now let us to test Benz car together:

    Step 1:
    You have to connect ICARSCAN with your car and connect it to your phone via bluetooth;

    Step 2:
    Select your car's brand BENZ and " Automatically Search" or "Manually Select". Automatic selection automatically detects your vehicle model. In manual selection, you can choose the car brand and the model by yourself.

    Step 3:
    Select " Quick Test" or " System Selection".
    "Quick Test" scans through all vehicle control units, from the " system selection" menu you can explore the desired control unit.

    Step 4:
    Then select " Read Data Stream" function to check all ESP sensors status.

    Step 5:
    Then select "ESP sensors" and select the sensors you want, or just select all.

    Step 6 :
    The reader displays real- time data on the values of the sensors.

    Step 7:
    By selecting " Diagram", you can look at the sensor data in graphical form.

    Additonally, you can combine the graphical values of the sensors into the same diagram, which makes comparison of values easy.

    ICARSCAN does a great job, it is very user - friendly and cost effective.

    If you want more information about Launch ICarScan , please link to : http://www.obd2tool.com/goods-5052-Launch+X431+iCarScan+Bluetooth+Diagnostic+Scanner+for+Android.html

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