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    VIP Price 2680USD Launch X431 PAD V 5 Auto diagnostic tool

    2021 New Arrival LAUNCH X431 PAD V 10.1 inch Full System Diagnosis tool, Online programmer, Support DOIP / CANFD protocol and Security Gateway, 31+ Reset functions , remote diagnosis ,Bi-directional Control,12 in 1 data stream ,1 Years warranty ,Multi Languages Supported + Global Version(Can be used in worldwide)+32GB Storage(Can be extended to 128GB)

    LAUNCH X431 PAD V VIP price : $2680

    X431 PAD V Language :
    English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Hungarian, Finnish, Simplified, Czech, Turkish, Greek, Arabic, Danish Persian, Romanian, Serbian, Swedish, Chinese Traditional

    X431 PAD V is so expensive , why need to Choose it ?

    1. LAUNCH X431 PAD V is the only onesupport DOIP/CANFD protocolin the market until now , and it alsosupport Security Gateway.

    DOIP/CANFD protocol is the new protocol , some new cars is with them , like for LandRover , for GM , For Ford , it will be used to many other new cars .

    Security Gateway is used for Chysler , for Nissan etc .

    2. X431 PAD V Support PEV ( pure electric vehicle ), other launch x431 device supports Hybrid cars , but do not support PEV .
    3.Online programming( more safty during programming , even though you failed during programming , x431 pad v can allow you program again , will not break the ECU )

    X431 PAD V supports programming and coding, which is to write the relevant control information of the software into the automotive computer's programmable EPROM or FLASH by making use of the electronic communication transmission technology.

    X431 PAD V Support intelligent recognition of programming files, convenient and quick operation.Support for Mercedes-Benz, for Benz New Energy, for BMW, for BMW New Energy, for GM, General New Energy, for Ford,Ford New Energy, for Volkswagen, for Volkswagen New Energy, for Audi, for Audi New Energy, for Land Rover, for Nissan,Skoda, for Seat, for Mazda and other models Programming function.

    4. Faster Speed , Best Hardware , supports works under the sun

    X431 PAD V is with 5GHz Dual Frequency wifi, with 8-core Processor 2.0GHz CPU , so x431 pad v is more fast speed to operate ( update and programming ) . 4GB Memory with 64GB Storage (can up to 128GB)

    5. X431 PAD V is with 10.1 inch IPD Touch Sceen ,it can work under the sun( you can se the screen clear under the sun ), launch x431 other products can not work under the sun .

    6. X431 PAD V is with Type C connector .

    7. ADAS Calibration Function +TPMS Diagnostic Function

    Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) is an electronic component in a vehicle, including various safety functions of the vehicle, such as automatic emergency braking (AEB), lane departure warning (LDW),lane keeping assist, blind spot elimination, night vision camera and Adaptive lighting.

    The function on the equipment is disabled by default, and the user needs to activate the function with an activation card before using it. And this function needs to be matched with THINKCAR ADAS calibration tools. Mainly used to calibrate various camera and radar of driver assistance systems

    8. With topological diagram Function

    it can shows All car system in the Diagram , better to let you know the car clearly and simple !

    9. Intelligent Diagnose

    Automatically identify VIN upon connection to the vehicle for intelligent diagnosis , also supports Local Diagnostic , it supports VIN Scan , more intelligent , no need you write the VIN manually .

    10. Remote Diagnosis: Device-To-Device & Device-To-PC).

    This option aims to help repair shops or technicians launch instant messagingand remote diagnosis, making the repair job getting fixed faster.

    11.Global version , No IP limited , 1 year free update

    Launch x431 PAD V support one key update via wifi , Update the new version of the software online quickly, such as client, firmware, diagnostic software.

    Note : after the license expires, you can still use the device without being locked

    12.Diagnostic history and diagnostic feedback

    Generally once a vehicle diagnosis is performed, the tool will record the every details of diagnostic process. The History function provides direct access to the previously tested vehicles and users can resume from the last operation, without the necessity of starting from scratch.
    for any problem found during the diagnoss, submit the vehicle issue to us for analysis and troubleshooting.

    13. Extended Modules (need buy them on mall )

    Support expansion module: endoscope, X-PROG and Wi-Fi printer.

    More features waiting for you to discover....

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