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    The different between Launch X431 diagun III and X431 diagun

    Launch Company Launch a lot of new tools in 2013. Launch X431 diagun III is one of the new tool.

    In the past time ,customers prefer to buy X-431 diagunII .This tool diagnostic cars through Bluetooth diagnostic,it is convenient to carry and easy to work.Actually, Launch X431 diagun III is the update version of X-431 diagun II.

    Since X-431 diagun III launch to the market,many customers wondering what is the different about Launch X431 diagun III and X-431 diagun II.Today,let me introductions these two tools to you.

    Compared about Diagnosis Staring, X-431 diagun II work on Windows Operating Interface,User need to make the selection.User need to know firstly the different icons(Wire/Wireless). X-431 diagun III work on Diagnosis Operating Interface,Users can use it directly.Direct and Easy to use(Bluetooth Diagnosis/Wire Diagnosis)

    Compared with Chargeable Battery, X-431 diagun is 1450mAh,can be used continuously 2-3hours. Launch X431 diagun III is 3800mAh,can be used continuously more than 10hours.

    Compared with Diagnostic Box, X-431 diagun II is big,need to use connector or extension cable,it is easy to lost. X-431 diagun III with Smart DBScar connector,can be put into main unit,not easy to lost.

    Compared with User Experience, X-431 diagun II is Ordinary and X431 diagun 3 bluetooth is good.

    Compared with User Communication ,both of these two tools are support.

    Compared with Languages, original X431 diagun III and X-431 diagun II can support Multi-languages like English,French,Spanish,German,Japanese,Russian,Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese and so on.

    Compared with X-431 diagun II, X-431 diagun III Integrated improved diagnosis connector,the performance is stable.
    If you interesting in these two tools,please no hesitated to contact OBD2TOOL.

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