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    Do you know what LAUNCH ICARSCAN can do

    BY OBD2TOOL  2018-01-24
    If you buy the actual iCarScan - it comes with a license to download 5 manufacturer's diagnostics software with 3 special functions . That's not models - it's the entire line of each manufacturer (Toyota includes Lexus.. etc.) That is included in the price. You also can download 3 basic "functions" software - things like resetting oil reminders for any car, etc.

    The value of this vs about everything else is - it's not VIN# limited (Durametic only allows 3 VIN#'s to be used on their DIY version, and the pro version is very expensive), and it covers more than just Porsche.

    The software isn't perfect, but it is pretty darn good, and provides live data streams that are valuable in figuring out why a certain trouble code may be set..

    Plus since the software runs on a cell phone, you can toss this in your door pocket and have diagnostics on the fly whenever you want to. No need to lug a computer around.
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