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    Xhorse Multi-Prog ECU TCU Programmer Upgrade Of VVDI Prog with Free MQB48 License

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    Technical Support


    Download & Technical Support

    Xhorse Multi-Prog ECU TCU Programmer Upgrade Of VVDI Prog with Free MQB48 License

    Xhorse Multi-prog is the second generation of VVDI Prog programmer.  Multi-Prog will Read, Write and Clone ECU, Read, Write and Clone TCU, Read and Wirite MCU, Read and write IMMO module, read and write eeprom, read and write vehicle dashboard.

    Software: V1.1.0.0
    Firmware: V1.1.6
    Database version: V4
    Lifetime Free Update online.
    Language: English, Chinese

    Xhorse Multi Prog Functions:
    Read, Write and Clone ECU
    BMW B48/B58 reading ISN
    BMW MSD80/81 /85/87/MSV90
    Mercedes-Benz SIM271
    BMW MSV80
    VW BOSCH MED17 Series ECU
    BMW N13/N20/N55/B38/TC17X
    Support Marelli, Siemens, Delphi and other ECU manufacturers
    With free MQB48 license. Bind Multi-prog and VVDI2 full version to the same Xhorse app account to use MQB48 NEC35XX function.
    Compatible with Xhorse solder-free adapters and cables
    Supports Expert mode: batch write chips.vvdi prog only write a single chip at a time

    Read, Write and Clone TCU
    Volkswagen Audi Skoda DQ200, DQ250, VL381 TCU etc.
    Porsche DL501 TCU
    Ford Dodge and other MPS6 series TCU
    BMW DKG, Mercedes-Benz VCS and other models TCU

    Vehicle Engine Data Calculation and Processing
    MED17/EDC17 data processing

    Support Flexible Extension of Third-party Plug-ins
    Support the development of third-party plug-ins and provide data processing and modification services

    Read & Write MCU
    Support reading and writing MCU of various brands including Renesas, Motolora, NXP, Infineon, etc.
    Support certain encrypted chip reading and writing

    Read & Write Vehicle Immo Module
    Support Porsche, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz EZS, VOLVO,
    VW MQB dashboard, AUDI BCM2, etc.
    Support modules including BMW EWS, CAS1 \CAS2\CAS3\CAS4+, FEM BDC, etc.
    Support other common immo modules
    Note:Compatible with Xhorse solder-free adapters and cables

    Read & Write EEPROM
    Support EEPROM and FLASH

    Read & Write Vehicle Dashboard
    Support dashboard of VW, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, etc.

    Operating system: Linux
    Processor: ZYNQ7020 Dual-core Cortex A9 +FPGA
    Memory: 256M* 2 DDR+64M NOR FLASH
    Display: 3.5-inch
    Input voltage: 15V/4A
    Working current: 300mA(14V)
    Working temperatures: -20-50℃
    Storage temperatures: -30-65℃
    External interface: USB/RJ45
    Dimensions: 233*150*54mm

    Software Menu

    Xhorse Multi-Prog Test Example:

    Package List:
    1pc x Main unit + VH13 adapter
    1pc x power cable
    1pc x MCU DB15 cable
    1pc x USB cable
    1pc x Power adapter
    1pc x MCU cable
    1pc x ECU cable
    1pc x VH24 interface adapter board
    1pc x VH20 interface adapter board
    1pc x OBD cable
    1pc x ECU DB15 cable
    43pcs x ECU harness plug replacement parts

    ECU (Bench Mode)
    1. SIMOS PCR2.1, EDC17c64
    2. BOSCH: MG1CA811
    3. BOSCH: MED17.1.6, MED17.1.21, MED17.1.61, MED17.5, MED1 7.5.1, MED1 7.5.2, MED1 7.5.5_TC1 766, MED1 7.5.5_TC1 767, MED1 7.5.20, MED1 7.5.21, MED1 7.5.25
    4. BOSCH: EDC17C46, EDC17C74, EDC17CP24, EDC17CP44, EDC17CP54, EDC17U01, EDC17U05
    5. BOSCH: MG1CS002一SPC5777, MD1 CP014_TC298TP, MG1 CS001_SPC5777, MG1 CS011 _SPC5777, MG1CS002_TC298TP, MD1 CP004_TC298TP, MD1 CP004一SPC5777, MG1 CS111 一SPC5777, MD1 CS004_TC298TP, MG1 CS008_SPC5777, MG1CS008_TC298TP

    1. CONTINENTAL: MSD80, MSV80, MSD81, MSD85, MSD87, MSV90 
    2. BOSCH: MD1CP002_SPC5777, MG1 CS003_SPC5777 (B48, B58), MG1 CS201 _TC298TP (B38, B48, B58), MD1CS001_TC298TP, MG1 CS024_TC298TP(B48, B58), MD1CP032_TC299
    3. BOSCH: EDC1 7CP09_Fxx_TC1 796, EDC1 7C50_Exx, EDC1 7CP45_Exx, EDC17C06, EDC17C56
    4. BOSCH: MEI 7.2.1
    5. BOSCH: MEVD1 7.2.3, MEVD1 7.2_Fxx, MEVD1 7.2.4_Fxx(N20), MEVD1 7.2.6_Fxx, MEVD17.2.9_Exx, MEVD17.2.G, MEVD17.2.G (N55), MEVD17.2.H, MEVD1 7.2.6_Fxx, MEVD17.2.P_Fxx, MEVD17.2.K 
    6. OSCH: MEV17.2_TC1766, MEV1 7.2_TC1 767, MEV17.2_TC1796, MEV1 7.2.1

    Mercedes Benz
    2. BOSCH: MEI 7.7, MED17.7.3.1, MED1 7.7.1, MED1 7.7.2, MED1 7.7.3, ME1 7.7.8
    3. BOSCH: EDC17CP10, EDC17CP57, EDC17CP46, EDC17CP60
    4. BOSCH: CRD3x.x_TC1793, CRD3x.x_TC1 797
    5. BOSCH: MD1CP001-SPC5777, MG1 CP002_SPC5777, MD1CS006_TC298TP

    1. DELPHI: DCM3.7AP
    2. DELCO: E37, E38, E39, E39A, E67, E78, E80, E82, E83, E83A, E83B, E84, E87, E92, E98

    1. DENSO: 23740-3Nxxx_Gen1 SH72531
    2. BOSCH:EDC17C84

    1. BOSCH: ME17.9.11, MEI
    2. BOSCH:EDC17C53
    3. BOSCH: MEG17.9.1 2_ECU

    1. BOSCH: EDC17C70, EDC17CP65
    2. BOSCH: ME17.0.3, ME17.8.5

    BOSCH: EDC17CP48, EDC1 7CP48_ver2, EDC1 7CP22

    1. AM_ME1 7.8.5,DOO_ME17.8.5
    2. BOSCH: MG1CA007, MEI 7.8.8_TC1728, ME1 7.8.8_TC1 728_HW2, ME17.8.8_TC1 767, ME1 7.8.31, ME1 7.9.52
    3. BOSCH: EDC1 7C55, EDC1 7C1 0, EDC1 7C1 0_TC1 796, EDC1 7C1 0_TC1 797, EDC1 7CP42, EDC1 7CP14, EDC17c81
    4. BOSCH: MEVD1 7.8.4
    5. BOSCH: MED17.8.1 0_TC1 728, MED17.8.1 0_TC1 728_Hw2, MED1 7.8.1 0_TC1 767
    6. BOSCH: MD1 CS01 8, MG1 CS026_SPC58, MG1 CS032, MG1CS163, MD1CS01 2, MD1CS089, MD1CS069, MD1CS005_TC298TP, MG1 CS01 5_TC277TP, MG1 CS01 6_TC275TP, MG1CS01 7_TC277TP, MG1CS01 8, MG1CS019, MG1CS088
    7. CONTINENTAL: SID208, SID209, SID211, SID807EVO ⑧ DENSO: KH, ZY, SH70xx_275xxx-xxx

    ECU (Boot Mode)
    VW series
    1. SIMOS PCR2.1, EDC17c64
    2. BOSCH: MED17.1.6, MED17.1.21, MED1 7.1.61, MED17.5, MED1 7.5.1, MED1 7.5.2, MED17.5.5_TC1 766, MED1 7.5.5_TC1 767, MED1 7.5.20, MED1 7.5.21, MED1 7.5.25
    3. BOSCH: EDC1 7C46, EDC1 7C74, EDC1 7CP24, EDC1 7CP44, EDC1 7CP54, EDC17U01, EDC17U05
    4. BOSCH: SIMOS8.3X, SIMOS8.4x, SIMOS8.5x, SIMOS8.6X

    BMW series
    1. CONTINENTAL: MSD80, MSV80, MSD81, MSD85, MSD87, MSV90
    2. BOSCH: EDC1 7CP09_Fxx_TC1 796, EDC1 7C50_Exx, EDC17CP45_Exx, EDC17C06, EDC17C56
    3. BOSCH: ME1 7.2.1
    4. BOSCH: MEVD1 7.2.3.MEVD17.2_Fxx, MEVD1 7.2.4_Fxx(N20), MEVD1 7.2.6_Fxx, MEVD1 7.2.9_Exx, MEVD17.2.G, MEVD17.2.G(N55), MEVD17.2.H, MEVD1 7.2.6_Fxx, MEVD1 7.2.P_Fxx, MEVD1 7.2.K
    5. BOSCH: MEV17.2_TC1766, MEV1 7.2_TC1 767, MEV17.2_TC1796, MEV1 7.2.1

    Mercedes Benz series
    2. BOSCH: ME17.7, MED17.7.3.1, MED17.7.1, MED1 7.7.2, MED1 7.7.3, ME17.7.8
    3. BOSCH: EDC17CP10, EDC17CP57, EDC17CP46, EDC17CP60
    4. DELPHI: CRD2.x_MPC556x

    Nissan series
    BOSCH: EDC17C84

    GM series
    1. DELPHI: MT80.MT80.1
    2. DELCO: E37, E38, E39, E39A, E67, E78, E80, E82, E83, E83A, E83B, E84, E87, E92, E98

    Hyundai/Kia series
    1. DELPHI: MT86
    2. DELCO: DCM6.2AP

    1. CONTINENTAL: SID208, SID209, SID211, SID807EVO, SID310
    2. SDI21.1 ,SDI21.2,SDI21.3
    3. BOSCH: ME1 7.3.0
    4. MARELLI: 8DF, MM10JA

    TCU (Bench Mode)
    DL382, VL381, DL501 Genl, DL501 Gen2, DQ200Dxx, DQ200-G2, DQ200-G2_PQ, DQ200-MQB, DQ250-MQB, DQ250

    Exx/Fxx BMW series
    GETRAG DKG 436 Genl, GETRAG DKG 436 Gen2

    Mercedes Benz series

    Ford series
    2. DPS6, DC4

    TCU (Boot Mode)
    Ford series
    DPS6, DC4

    ZF 9HP

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