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    LAUNCH X431 O2-2 Scope Box Oscilloscope 4 Channels Automotive Oscilloscopes Work with PRO3S+ V5.0/PAD V/ PAD VII

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    Technical Support


    LAUNCH X431 O2-2 Scope Box Oscilloscope 4 Channels Automotive Oscilloscopes Work with PRO3S+ V5.0/PAD V/ PAD VII

    Launch O2-2 Scope Box allows the user to capture a particular waveform which makes the process 70% more dfficient as compared to other scopes. It features the ability to record and playback high-resolution waveform data for future analysis. Its ability to input names and characters directly by clicking on the virtual keyboard streamlines the process and contributes to 90% of efficiency improvement.

    LAUNCH O2-2 Scope Box For Solving Complex Electrical Faults
    Featuring a new design and upgraded hardware, the LAUNCH O2-2 Scopebox is a versatile and easy to use add-on module that can detects high level faults on various electrical components, such as sensors, acturators and circuits. By integrating with the X-431 series scan tools via O2-2 application, it delivers accurate and conclusive diagnostic faults that enable the shop and technician to enlarge their scan tool's functionality.

    Integrate with X-431 series scan tools (such as X431 PRO ELITE, X431 Throttle, X431 Pad II AE, X431 Torque, X431 Turbo, X431 Pro3S+, X431 PAD V, X431 PAD VII, X431 IMMO Elite, X431 IMMO PLUS) through the O2-2 application for conclusive diagnostic results.

    4 channels
    Bandwidth 100MHz
    Auto configuration
    Save waveforms with one click
    Cursor measurement
    One-click preset waveform parameter settings
    Demo mode
    Online help
    Waveform math operations
    23 automatic measurements

    1. ECU troubleshooting and Diagnostics
    2. Features the alility to record and palyback high-resolution waveform data for future analysis. One key enable function allows the suers to capture
    3. A particular waveform which makes the process 70% more efficient as compared to other scopes
    4. Access to 23 variants of automatic measurements that  are displayed on one screen for an easy switch
    5. Ability to input names and characters directly by clicking on the virtual keyboard, this operation streamlines the process and contributes to 90% efficiency
    6. Buffer memory up to 50M
    7. Use the zoom in/out feature to review precise details
    8. Customizable personal system settings that can be saved as configuration files for viewing
    9. The Self-calibration function allows optimization of the oscillosope signal path for maximum measurement accuracy
    10. Magnifies waveform math operations, such as affition, subtraction, multiplication and FFT function for high level waveform anlysis
    11. Multiple automotive tests that include circuits, sensors, actuators, ignition tests and more
    Multi language user interface
    12. USB Sunc data transfer to external devices such as laptoop, tablet, etc..

    Supports multiple vehicle preset project tests
    Supports a variety of automotive preset project tests, such as circuits, sensors, actuators, ignition tests, communication tests and combination tests, and presets various parameters and specific connection methods for each test.
    23 automatic measurement settings
    23 automatic measurement settings are displayed on one screen, which is clear at a glance and can be clicked with a light touch. It supports one-click clearing, eliminating the tediousness of turning pages and searching multiple times, making automatic measurement easy to use and convenient.
    Quick trigger source switching
    Supports edge, pulse and other triggers. Simple and intuitive trigger settings and fast trigger source switching methods make the most difficult part of oscilloscope application extremely easy.
    Quickly create waveform preset parameters with one click
    When testing waveforms, you can save the existing settings on the current interface as waveform preset parameters with one click. When testing similar waveforms later, you can directly load the preset parameters without repeated settings.
    Quickly save waveforms with one click
    Quickly save the waveform currently displayed on the screen with one click and automatically save it in the specified format. It can be directly used as a reference channel waveform for display later.
    Convenient cursor operation
    Turn on the horizontal and vertical cursors with one click respectively. Each cursor can be dragged independently, and cursor tracking is also directly implemented through simple highlight touches, improving overall efficiency by more than 80%.
    Support cursor/phase ruler changes accordingly
    When the waveform is zoomed in/out, the cursor and phase scale can change accordingly, keeping the measurement range unchanged.
    Supports 2-point touch, the waveform can be zoomed in or out vertically or horizontally
    Drag horizontally or vertically with 2 points to zoom in or out the waveform horizontally or vertically.
    Support demonstration function
    Preset sine waveforms to demonstrate common functions without connecting an oscilloscope.
    Supports waveform math operations
    Supports addition, subtraction, multiplication and division calculations of two channel waveforms, in addition to fast Fourier transform.

    Detailed Comparison Between Launch O2-2 Scope Box and Launch O2-1 Scope Box
    Rise Time
    Maximum sampling rate
    1Gbps(for four channels)
    Input resistance
    Storage depth
    Number of sampling bits
    vertical accuracy
    Vertical gear
    Channel coupled
    DC, AC
    DC, AC
    Time base gear
    Time base accuracy
    Sampling mode
    CANBus decoding
    CAN, LIN
    CAN, LIN
    Trigger type
    Edge, Pulse width
    Edge, Pulse width
    Trigger mode
    Normal, Auto and Single SEQ
    Normal, Auto and Single SEQ
    Trigger coupling
    DC, Noise rejection
    DC, Noise rejection
    Double wave\FFT
    Double wave\FFT
    Roll mode
    Auto configuration
    Auto measurement
    Horizontal cursor, Vertical cursor
    Horizontal cursor, Vertical cursor
    Powered by
    USB port, DC IN port
    USB port, DC IN port
    Data transmission method
    Vehicle configuration options
    Circuits, sensor, actuators, ignition
    Circuits, sensor, actuators, ignition
    Operating temperature
    Power supply range
    Different tablet resolutions require different APPs
    One APP can be compatible with multiple tablet resolutions
    Multi-touch gestures
    Supports 2-point touch, the waveform can be zoomed in or out vertically or horizontally
    Vehicle configuration
    Each test project can support online help documentation (help documentation will be compiled according to needs later)
    Firmware upgrade
    Manual upgrade
    Support online upgrade
    Waveform observation cannot be expanded during normal trigger waiting.
    Can be used normally during normal trigger waiting.
    Demo function
    Sampling rate
    Single channel 1G/s, 2 channels 500M/s, multiple channels 250M/s
    Single channel 1G/s, 2 channels 500M/s, multiple channels 250M/s
    Start time
    about 16s
    Power consumption
    about 6W
    about 7.5W

    How to Connect the Cables?
    Different application scenarios require different connection methods (no matter which application scenario, the following connections are required):
    First, power the oscilloscope box through the double-clip power cable: Connect one end of the double-clip power cable to the power interface of the oscilloscope box, and the other end to the vehicle battery to draw power (red is connected to the positive pole, black is connected to the negative pole).

    Note: *PADVII series tablets support USB power supply.

    2. Connect the Type B terminal of the USB cable to the Type B interface of the oscilloscope, and connect the other end to the USB interface of the diagnostic device.

    Rising Time
    3.5ns (typical)
    Input Impedance
    1M ±1.5%
    Input Type
    Single-ended, BNC Connector
    Input Coupling
    DC, AC
    Overload Protection
    ±200V on single input
    Timebase Ranges
    1ns~1ks (1 Channel)
    1ns~1ks (2 Channels)
    1ns~1ks (4 Channels)
    Vertical Resolution
    Buffer Memory
    10M (for 4 Channels)
    Power Interface
    USB port, DC IN port
    Data Exchange Via
    Trigger Mode
    Normal, Auto and Single SEQ
    Advanced Triggers
    Edge, Pulse width

    Package List:
    1pc x Launch O2-2 main unit
    1pc x BNC to 4mm interface test cable
    1pc x Secondary ignition pickup cable
    1pc x USB cable
    1pc x 20:1 attenuator
    1pc x multimeter probe
    1pc x Battery clips
    1pc x Piercing Probe set
    2pcs x crocodile clips
    1pc x Independent ignition extension cable
    1pc x COP independent ignition probe

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