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    CG100 PROG III Full Version Airbag Restore Devices including All Functions of Renesas SRS and Infineon XC236x FLASH

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    Technical Support


    CG100 PROG III Full Version Airbag Restore Devices including All Functions of Renesas SRS and Infineon XC236x FLASH

    CG100 PROG III:
    1. Latest Version: V6.2.5.0
    2. Including All Function of Renesas SRS
    3. Support read and write EEPROM, support non-secure BMW DDME ECU microcontroller.
    4. CG100 with built-in calculator, support calculate ISN, VIN and program CRC EEPROM
    5. CG100 now support CAS3 CAS3+CAS4 CAS4+ Key Programming
    6. CG100 can splite the quality for CAS Data
    7. With CG100 ATMEGA Adapter in package.
    CG100 ATMEGA Adapter for CG100 PROG III Airbag Restore Devices with 35080 EEPROM and 8pin Chip reading and writing

    The ATM adapter suppports:
    35080: M35080DQ080, M35080DQ160, M35080 3/6, M35080 V6 / VP (5 seconds to adjust mileage: directly read and write)
    ATMEGA Parallel: MEGA8L, MEGA48, MEGA88 (can erase the second-hand ATMEGA8L for re-use) MEGA16, MEGA32, MEGA169
    24 Series: 24C01 24C02 24C04 24C08 24C16 24C32 24C64 24C128  (read and write)
    93 Series: 93c46 93c56 93c57 93C66 93c76 93c86   (read and write)    
    25 Series: 25010 25020 25040 25080 25160 25320 25640 25128 25256 (read and write)
    95 Series: 95010 95020 95040 95080 95160 95320 95640 95128 95256 95512 (read and write)
    Add 9S08GL16 CPU Parallel FLASH:
    AMD: AM29BL802D (can erase the FAW REIZ MT34 immobilizer)

    The software adopt to operate interface with wizard-style, data arbitrarily rewrite, MCU pin identification and detection, full support for CPU airbag computer repair.

    Supported operating systems software: XP/WIN7/WIN8/32bit/64bit
    1. Support and Adoption: Renesas
    R5F61797, RF61725, R5F61723, R5F61721, the model in the computer are assembled as follows: Toyota, Honda, Subaru

    2. Support and Adoption:
    64A-72F,XC2364A-104F,XC2365A-56F,XC2365A-72F,XC2365A-104F,XC2361B-24F,XC2361B-40F,XC2363B-24F,XC2361B-40F,XC2364B-24F,XC2364B-40F,XC2365B-24F,XC2365B-40F,the model in the computer are assembled as follows: Nissan, Suzuki, Hyundai, Ford, Mazda, Land Rover, Jaguar, GM.20seconds of read and write.this speed  supported  is exclusive  in the wordwide.

    3.Support and Adoption: Freescale
    MPC5604P(0M26V)(1M36W)the model in the computer are assembled as follows:Honda

    4. Support and Adoption: ST
    SPC560 the model in the computer are assembled as follows:Volkswagen

    5. Support and Adoption: CPU
    ATMEGA169, ATMEGA32, ATMEGA16, ATMEGA8, ATMEGA88, ATMEGA48. The instrument model tune number of kilometers

    CG100 PROG Airbag Restore Devices Support for MCU model:
    R5F61721  R5F61723 R5F61725 R5F61797
    XC2336A XC2336B XC2361A XC2361B XC2361E XC2360A XC2360B XC2387C XC2320S XC2310S  Time of reading and writting as 25seconds
    0M26V MPC5604

    CG100 PROG III Update Policy:
    1. Update Online Free for One Year.
    2. Over one year, update cost will be $87. If you don't want to pay update cost, your device can still work on old version.
    3. Please update device to V6.0.0.0 first, then can use newer version.

    CG100 PROG III Instruction:
    CG-100 Host Unit
    A powerful programming function support variety of modules data repairing and total modules replacement.

    BDM+4 Adapter
    This adapter is used with 12P welding line to repair various of instrument,airbag and module data

    ATMEGA Adapter:
    Apply to data repairing for all kinds of domestic ATMEGA instrument,support a variety of eight-pin chip airbag repairing and instrument calibration,support data repairing of chps 35080,160D,support reusing the second and ATMEGA chip which eradicated the old data,support the cancellation of FAW Wei Chi MT34 anti-theft.

    CAN Adapter:

    Support BMW,Volkswagen,Bentley engine data repairing and module replacement,support domestic MT80,domestic MT60 engine data repair and module replacement.

    ATMEGA Welding Plate

    Apply to various domestic ATMEGA instrument,support reusing the second hand ATMEGA chip which eradicated the old data.

    Key Adapter:
    The specilaized adapter for Full-featured version CG-100,support to write Land Rover key and BMW key.

    12P Welding Line

    This line is used with BDM4+4 adapter to repair various of instrument,airbag and module data.

    USB Connection Line
    Used to connection of computer and equipment to ensure high-speed data communication

    12V Power Supply
    Supply power to equipment and modules to ensure stable voltage during operation

    CGDI PROG III Software Display:

    CG100 PROG III Update Information:
    CG100 PROG III  Latest Version V6.2.5.0 (2020.09.11)
    1. Add 35 chips to Programer.
    2. The diagram of R5F10D is optimized from Line 6 to Line 4.
    3. Add 89 models to dashboard.
    4. Beautify 10 wring diagram.

    The following chips are added for Programer.

    The following models are added for dashboard.
    Aochi Aochi A3 24C04
    BAIC EV150 2016- 24C64
    BAIC yusheng007 2011-24C02
    BAIC Huansu H6 24C04
    Besturn BenTeng B50 2015- 24LC04
    Changhe LIANA 2013- 24C02
    Trumpchi GM6 2019- 24C16
    Dayun aopuli 24C04
    Dayun Dayun Truck 2015- 9S12HY64
    DongFeng Chenglong H5 24C08
    DongFeng Fengxing CM7 2014- 24C04
    DongFeng Fengshen S30 2009- 93C56
    DongFeng Jingyi X3 9S12HY64
    DongFeng Jingyi X3 2016- 9S12HY48
    DongFeng tuyi 2018- 24C02
    DongFeng DFSK C32 2018- 24C04 green board
    DongFeng Fengguang 370 2016- 9S12HA32
    FOTON Rowor 2011- 24C04
    FOTON Rowor RC2 24C04
    FOTON shidai xiaoka 2019- 24C64
    FOTON YuLing VQ1 2013- 24C04
    Haima Family 2012- 9S12HY48
    Red Star Red Star V2 2017- 24C04
    HuangHai N2 PIKA 2016- 24C08
    Geely Yuanjing 2011- 24C04
    Geely Yinglun SC7 2011- 24C04
    JAC Geerfa 2014- 24C04
    JAC Geerfa K6L 24C04
    JAC JUNLING V6 24C04
    JAC Kangling 24C04
    JAC Kangling 24C04(4G04) 2motor(green board)
    JAC LIANGJIAN 2015- 24C04
    JAC LIANGJIAN 2014- 24C04
    JAC LIANGJIAN 2013- 24C04
    JAC IEV4 24C04
    JAC Kangling 24C04(ATMLHXXX 04)   3motor
    JieFang J6L 2020- 9S12HZ128
    JinBei haixing A7 2013- 24C02
    LiFan LETU S 2017- 9S12HY64
    Leopaard CT7 2017- 24C08
    LandWind LAND WIND X8 2016- 9S12HA32
    Chery jietu X70S 2019- 24C04
    Chery Tiggo 7 2019- 24C04
    Chery A516 93LC66
    Chery E3 2014- 9S12XHY128
    TRI-RING HAOLONG 2015- 93C66
    Shaanxi Auto XUANDE X6 9S12XHY128
    MAXUS G50 24C32
    MAXUS T60 9S12XHY256
    Hyundai zhidao500 2018- 9S12XHY128
    T-KNG baoma 2015- 24C04(4G04)
    WuLing HongGuang S 2019- 24C04
    XINYUAN T32S 2018- 24C02
    YeMa T80 24C04
    FAW BenTeng B50 24C04
    FAW FAW JiaBao V77 2015- 24C04(4G04)
    FAW FAW JiaBao V80 24C04
    JieFang jiefang 2017- 24C04
    JieFang Hanwei 24C04
    YongYuan DITU GX 24C04
    Yutong BUS X5043
    YUEJIN C300 2020- 24C04
    YUEJIN CHAOYUE 2017- 9S12HY64
    ChangAn CS35 2020- 24C08
    ChangAn Auchan X70A 2018- 9S12HY64
    ChangAn Auchan xinsai 2019- 9S12XHY256
    Great Wall TengYi C30 2015- 24C02
    Zhonghua FSV 2010- 9S12HA48
    Buick Excelle 2004-2007- 24C04
    Buick Excelle 2006- 24C04
    Honda Honda 24C04
    Kawasaki Z100 93C66
    Kawasaki Z900 93C66
    Suzuki haiwangxing 2011- 24C02
    Honda Motor Honda 2016- 24C04 V3
    JEEP Compass 2012- 93C76
    Honda ELYSION 2020- 93C86
    Honda PRADO 2017- 93A86
    Honda PRADO 2019- 93C86
    Honda  93C86
    Mazda Atenza 2017- 93C86
    KIA Rio 2010- 93C56
    Nissan PiKa 2016- 9S12XHY128
    ISUZU DMAX 2018- 9S12XHY256
    ISUZU mu-X 9S12XHY256
    ChangAn Alsvin 2010- 9S12HY64
    Zotye Domy X7 9S12HY64
    Honda GIENIA 2019- 93C86
    Chery ARRIZO 5 2017- 93C66
    CG-100  V6.2.4.0  NEW (2020.08.12)
    1.Add 4 chips to Programer.
    2.Add 231 models to airbag.

    The following chips are added for Programer.

    The following models are added for airbag.
      SouthEast J3858259 SPC560P40L1
      SouthEast J3858336 SPC560P40L1
      SouthEast J3858377 SPC560P40L1
      Trumpchi 8040003CAD0002 R7F701A033
      Roewe 10043844-05 Roewe 95640(5LCA)
      Roewe 10099168-07 Roewe 95640(564WQ)(5LCA)
      Roewe 10290894-01 Roewe 95640(564WQ)(5LCA)
      Roewe 10429167-01 Roewe 25640
      Roewe 10426969-01 Roewe 25640
      Roewe 10429166-01 Roewe 95640
      Roewe 10475377-01 Roewe 95640
      MG 10043844-05 MG 95640(5LCA)
      MG 10099168-07 MG 95640(564WQ)(5LCA)
      MG 10290894-01 MG 95640(564WQ)(5LCA)
      MG 10429167-01 MG 25640
      MG 10426969-01 MG 25640
      MG 10429166-01 MG 95640
      MG 10475377-01 MG 95640
      Chery T11-3606011PC 95320(5BBD)
      Chery T21-3658070FA 95320(H320)
      WuLing 629733000 XC2336B-40F
      WuLing 23879713 XC2336B-40F
      WuLing 23971131 XC2336B-40F
      GM 1003975 95080
      GM 96406711 95080
      GM 96406713 95080
      GM 96406714 95080
      GM 96406715 95080
      GM 96406716 95080
      GM 96818874 95080
      GM 96818877 95080
      GM 96818878 95080
      GM 96818879 95080
      GM 96830363 95080
      GM 96802931 95080
      GM 96439951 95080
      GM 96430715 95080
      GM 96430711 95080
      GM 96430712 95080
      GM 96430713 95080
      GM 96430714 95080
      GM 96430715 95080
      GM 96428774 95080
      GM 92197477 95160
      GM 92197478 95160
      GM 92198854 95160
      GM 92198855 95160
      GM 92198856 95160
      GM 92214451 95160
      GM 92214454 95160
      GM 92245729 95160
      GM 92245730 95160
      GM 92164397 95160
      GM 92197478 95160
      GM 92198855 95160
      GM 92198856 95160
      GM 92214450 95160
      GM 92214452 95160
      Honda 77960-TR0-F414-M1 95320(532WQ)
      Honda 77960-TR0-F422-M1 95320(532WQ)
      Honda 77960-TR0-F614-M1 95320(532WQ)
      Honda 77960-TR0-K013-M1 95320(532WQ)
      Honda 77960-TR0-K014-M1 95320(532WQ)
      Honda 77960-TR0-K021-M1 95320(532WQ)
      Honda 77960-TR0-K621-M1 95320(532WQ)
      Honda 77960-TR0-P614-M1 95320(532WQ)
      Honda 77960-TR0-P622-M1 95320(532WQ)
      Honda 77960-TR0-Q014-M1 95320(532WQ)
      Honda 77960-TR0-T013-M1 95320(532WQ)
      Honda 77960-TR0-T014-M1 95320(532WQ)
      Honda 77960-TR0-T020-M1 95320(532WQ)
      Honda 77960-TR0-X012-M1 95320(532WQ)
      Honda 77960-TR0-X013-M1 95320(532WQ)
      Honda 77960-TR0-X014-M1 95320(532WQ)
      Honda 77960-TR0-A012-M1 95320(532WQ)
      Honda 77960-TR0-A013-M1 95320(532WQ)
      Honda 77960-TR0-A014-M1 95320(532WQ)
      Honda 77960-TR0-X020-M1 95320(532WQ)
      Honda 77960-TR0-X810-M1 95320(532WQ)
      Honda 77960-T6L-F910-M1 95640
      Honda 77960-S9A-J412-M1 95320
      Honda 77960-S9A-J414-M1 95320
      Honda 77960-S9A-J822-M1 95320
      Honda 77960-S9A-N821-M1 95320
      Honda 77960-S9A-Q612-M1 95320
      Honda 77960-S9A-Q614-M1 95320
      Honda 77960-S9A-Q822-M1 95320
      Honda 77960-S9A-Q823-M1 95320
      Honda 77960-S9A-Q824-M1 95320
      Honda 77960-S9A-U411-M1 95320
      Honda 77960-S9A-X022-M1 95320
      Honda 77960-S9A-X222-M1 95320
      Honda 77960-S9A-X812-M1 95320
      Honda 77960-S9A-Y614-M1 95320
      Honda 77960-SEC-C013-M1 95320
      Honda 77960-SEC-C020-M1 95320
      Honda 77960-SEC-C040-M1 95320
      Honda 77960-SEC-C041-M1 95320
      Honda 77960-SWA-A212-M1 95640
      Honda 77960-SWA-A220-M1 95640
      Honda 77960-SWA-E212-M4 95640
      Honda 77960-SWA-E230-M4 95640
      Honda 77960-SWA-E231-M4 95640
      Honda 77960-SWA-E240-M4 95640
      Honda 77960-SWA-P613-M4 95640
      Mazda GJ6A 57 K30 A 95080
      Mazda GJ6A 57 K30 B 95080
      Mazda GJ6R 57 K30 A 95080
      Mazda GJ6R 57 K30 B 95080
      Mazda GJ6R 57 K30 C 95080
      Mazda GK2A 57 K30 A 95080
      Mazda GK2E 57 K30 A 95080
      Mazda GK2E 57 K30 B 95080
      Mazda GM9A 57 K30 95080
      Mazda GM9E 57 K30 95080
      Mazda GN3A 57 K30 95080
      Mazda GN3B 57 K30 95080
      Mazda GN3B 57 K30 A 95080
      Mazda F152 57 K30 A 95080
      Mazda F152 57 K30 B 95080
      Mazda F152 57 K30 C 95080
      Mazda F152 57 K30 D 95080
      Mazda FE01 57 K30 95080
      Mazda FE01 57 K30 A 95080
      Mazda FE01 57 K30 B 95080
      Mazda FE87 57 K30 95080
      KIA 95910-3U000 25320
      KIA 95910-3U100 25320
      KIA 95910-3U500 25320
      KIA 95910-3U600 25320
      KIA 95910-3U650 25320
      KIA 95910-3W000 25320
      KIA 95910-3W100 25320
      KIA 95910-3W110 25320
      KIA 95910-3W210 25320
      KIA 95910-3W250 25320
      KIA 95910-3W350 25320
      KIA 95910-3W400 25320
      KIA 95910-3W450 25320
      KIA 95910-3W500 25320
      KIA 95910-3W600 25320
      KIA 95910-3W650 25320
      KIA 95910-3W800 25320
      MITSABISHI 8635A005 95160
      MITSABISHI 8635A040 95160
      MITSABISHI 8635A044 95160
      MITSABISHI 8635A087 95160
      MITSABISHI 8635A091 95160
      MITSABISHI 8635A092S 95160
      MITSABISHI 8635A093L 95160
      MITSABISHI 8635A127 95160
      MITSABISHI  8635A147 95160
      MITSABISHI 8635A153 95160
      MITSABISHI 8635A155 95160
      MITSABISHI 8635A157 95160
      MITSABISHI 8635A180 95160
      MITSABISHI 8635A181 95160
      MITSABISHI 8635A182S 95160
      MITSABISHI 8635A184 95160
      MITSABISHI 8635A185S 95160
      MITSABISHI 8635A186L 95160
      MITSABISHI 8635A187 95160
      MITSABISHI 8635A199 95160
      MITSABISHI 8635A318 95160
      MITSABISHI 8635A329 95160
      MITSABISHI 8635A359 95160
      MITSABISHI 8635A392 95160
      MITSABISHI 8635A395 95160
      MITSABISHI 8635A424 95160
      MITSABISHI 8635A498 95160
      MITSABISHI P8635A056 25640
      MITSABISHI P8635A057 25640
      MITSABISHI P8635A059 25640
      MITSABISHI P8635A060 25640
      MITSABISHI P8635A061 25640
      MITSABISHI P8635A063 25640
      MITSABISHI P8635A064 25640
      MITSABISHI P8635A067 25640
      MITSABISHI P8635A107 25640
      MITSABISHI P8635A112 25640
      MITSABISHI P8635A116 25640
      MITSABISHI P8635A120 25640
      MITSABISHI P8635A121 25640
      MITSABISHI P8635A128 25640
      MITSABISHI P8635A131 25640
      MITSABISHI P8635A133 25640
      MITSABISHI P8635A144 25640
      MITSABISHI P8635A145 25640
      MITSABISHI P8635A146 25640
      MITSABISHI P8635A168 25640
      MITSABISHI P8635A205 25640
      MITSABISHI P8635A208 25640
      MITSABISHI P8635A239 25640
      MITSABISHI P8635A240 25640
      MITSABISHI P8635A244 25640
      MITSABISHI P8635A245 25640
      MITSABISHI P8635A254 25640
      MITSABISHI P8635A272 25640
      MITSABISHI P8635A288 25640
      MITSABISHI P8635A379 25640
      MITSABISHI P8635A029 25640
      MITSABISHI P8635A030 25640
      MITSABISHI P8635A051 25640
      MITSABISHI P8635A052 25640
      MITSABISHI P8635A053 25640
      MITSABISHI P8635A109 25640
      MITSABISHI P8635A209 25640
      Hyundai 95910-2S000 25320
      Hyundai 95910-2S100 25320
      Hyundai 95910-2S150 25320
      Hyundai 95910-2S200 25320
      Hyundai 95910-2S250 25320
      Hyundai 95910-2S350 25320
      Hyundai 95910-2S500 25320
      Hyundai 95910-2S600 25320
      Hyundai 95910-2S650 25320
      Hyundai 95910-2S700 25320
      Hyundai 95910-2S750 25320
      Hyundai 95910-2S800 25320
      Hyundai 95910-2S850 25320
      Hyundai 95910-2Y000 25320
      Hyundai 95910-2Y100 25320
      Hyundai 95910-2Y150 25320
      Hyundai 95910-2Y200 25320
      Hyundai 95910-2Y250 25320
      Hyundai 95910-2Y300 25320
      Hyundai 95910-2V000 25320
      Hyundai 95910-2V010 25320
      Hyundai 95910-2V020 25320
      Hyundai 95910-2V030 25320
      Hyundai 95910-2V300 25320

    CG100 PROG III Full Version Packing Including:
    1pc x CG PRO III Programmer
    1pc x BDM+4 Adapter
    1pc x Key Adapter
    1pc x CAN Adapter
    12pcs x Welding Line
    1pc x USB Cable
    1pc x 12V Power Supply
    1pc x ATMEGA Adapter
    1pc x EEPROM Adapter
    1pc x AVR Adapter
    1pc x AVR V2.0 Adapter
    1pc x EEPROM-SO Adapter
    1pc x FLASH Adapter

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