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    Original Xhorse VVDI V3.5.3 VAG Vehicle Diagnostic Interface

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    Technical Support


    Download & Technical Support

    Latest VVDI V3.5.3 China VAG Vehicle Diagnostic Interface

    Top 6 Reasons to Get VVDI:
    1. Latest Version: V3.5.3
    2. Update Online
    3. Operating System: Win7 and XP
    4. The VVDI IMMO Plus V2.7.6 Includes the VAG Commander and Tag Key Tool Software. You Don't Need to Reinstall These 2 Software Separately Anymore

    5. Powerful Function Tool for VAG Vehicles, Especiall Key Programmer and Mileage Correction.
    6. Add Component Protection Function Since V2.8.2 Version

    VVDI 3.5.3
    1.This version need the newest firmware support
    2.Fixb bug for A3/TT/R8 CDC32xx
    3.Auto reset cluster after change KM in touareg CAN cluster
    4.Fixb bug for learn key in touareg k protocol
    5.Add new type for 2013 NEC24C64 TFT color display(3D cluster with SW:0703)
    6.Add support to flash E type FRF firmware
    7.Immobilizer data tool - Santana immobox 24C04 bug fix
    8.Immobilizer data tool - Yamaha Moric S29190 bug fix
    9.Immobilizer data tool - Fix bug for landrover 9S12
    10.Immobilizer data tool - add support GreatWall Delphi immobox 93C66 - 6pins
    11.Immobilizer data tool - add support Rover Discovery 3
    12.Immobilizer data tool - fix bug for Koleos 9S12 make key with PCF7936 transponder

    VVDI 3.5.2
    1. This version DON't need update firmware
    2. Fix bug for KWP2000 protocal update programming
    3. Fix bug for Seat 4th immobilizer 2013 NEC+24C64
    4. Fix bug for EZS-Kessy 9S12DT128 read EEPROM
    5. Fix bug for CDC32xx, A3/TT/R8 login error
    VVDI 3.5.1
    1.This version DON't need update firmware 
    2.Fix bug for write eeprom in NEC35xx type
    3.Fix bug for 2013 Q3(NEC+24C64) login error
    4.Improved lost all key module
    5.Fix bug change KM fro old touareg
    6.Improved unit update programming
    7.Fix bug for some A3/TT/R8(CDC32xx chip) login error
    8.Add one old CDC32xx type support
    9.Fix bug for software crash when enter diagnostic unit
    10.Fix bug for immobilizer data tool - Mitsubishi ASX

    VVDI 3.5.0
    1.This version need the newest firmware support
    2.Add NEC35xx dashboard change KM and immobilizer support. Support car after year 2013(Jetta, Bora, Sanata, Lavida family, Rapid, fabia etc)
    3.Add nec NEC+24C32 cluster change KM and immobilizer.(6RD920860C/860D)
    4.Fix bug for unit update programming with SGO file
    5.Support get PIN/CS from Bently ECU 95160 eeprom dump in 4th immobilizer. Fix bug for learn KWP2000 Bently cars.
    6.Improve A6/Q7 J518(9S12DT128)reading method, fix bug for some old cars and read VIN error.
    7.Improve immobilizer data tool. Fix bug make key for Honda bikes while lost all key.

    VVDI 2.8.2 Update(2015-03-25)

    1.This version need the newest firmware support
    2.Add Update programming function. Support flash unit with frf, sgo, odx files
    3.Update autodetect 4th immobilizer and fix bug for immobilizer data tool

    VVDI 2.8.1 Update(2014-12-12)

    1.This version need the newest firmware support
    2.Fix make special transponder ID42
    3.Upate Immobilizer Data Tool: Support all lists cars. Add Euro cars:Alfa Romeo, Aprilia, Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Citroen, Dacia, DAF, Ducati, Ferrari, Fiat, Gilera, Iveco, Jaguar, Lancia, LDV, MAN, Maserati, Mercedes Benz, Opel, Peugeot, Piaggio, Polonez, Porsche, Renault, Rover, Saab, Scania, Seat, Skoda, Smart, TagAZ, UAZ, VAZ, Volvo, VW
    4.Fix bug for immobilizer data tool
    5.Update remote database, support more car

    VVDI 2.8.0 Update (2014-12-04)

    1.This version DON't need update firmware 
    2.Free for all user: decrypt Passat B6/CC comfort module dump, No need condor authorize
    3.Add file prepare remote key
    4.Upate Immobilizer Data Tool: Support all cars from aisa and USA:Acura, Brilliance, Besturn, Chang An, Great Wall, Chery, Daewoo, Daihatsu, Geely, Haima, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Isuzu, Kawasaki, Kia, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Proton, Roewe, Saipa, IKCO, SsangYong, Subaru, Suzuki, Tata, Toyota, Yamaha, Buick, Bombardier, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Jeep, Lincoln, Oldsmobile, Pontiac
    5.Fix bug for learn immobilizer with CAN Instrument 

    VVDI 2.7.9 Update (2014-11-14)
    1.This version need the newest firmware support
    2.New window for make remote funtion, Use local database, and update online. Support feedbackquestion.
    3.Upate Immobilizer Data Tool: Add new car for Kiv, Rover, Volvo; update car for VW, Audi ,Skoda, Seat, Fiat, Suzuki

    VVDI 2.7.8 update(2014-10-14)
    1.This version DON't need update firmware
    2.Fix bug for component protection remove
    3.Support write all immo data for A3/TT/R8(-2012)
    4.Fix bug for key learn for A3/TT/R8(-2012)

    VDI 2.7.6 update(2014-08-05):

    1.This version need the newest firmware support
    2.Support adapt engine control unit(support old ecu):Menu->Special function->Adapt unit module->ECU(EDC16/MED9/MED17/Simos)
    3.Support read/write ecu flash via OBD(write operation need backup flash first), support IMMO ON/OFF
    4.Make remote file format change, please use newest version remote data
    5.Add support for vdo kline 7H0920871J
    6.Fix bug for change KM: A4L/Q5/A5, A6/Q7(-2012)
    7.Fix bug for key learn with CAN protocal
    8.Add immo data for BMW EWS1/2/3, CAS1/2/3, Now don't support CAS3+ encrypt version
    9.Add immo data for Chrysler voyager(95080), SsangYong Actyon, Mitsubishi ASX, Grandis
    VVDI 2.7.5 Upate (2014-7-23)
    1.This version need the newest firmware support
    2.Add Key Learn function, autodetect car type, no need learn key with channel
    3.Add Lost all key function in key learn. You can prepare dealer key with OBD if lost all key. Support NEC+24C32/24C64/95320, motorola, NEC35xx type
    4.Fix bug while adapt ECU
    5.Fix mac show error in NEC+95320 module
    6.Fix bug for Touareg/Phaeton/A8/Cayenne key learning

    VVDI 2.6.4 update(2014-06-05):
    1.This version need the newest firmware support. No extra firmware support. Update online can be find menu->Options->Upate online. 
    2.Add immo data for Toyota G-transponder, Suzuki all types, some VW old cars and part of Fiat
    3.Prepare tranponder ID40(44) for China cars, need condor authorize.
    4.Fix bug for tranponser reading
    VVDI 2.6.3 Update(2014-05-20):
    1.Fix bug prepare dealer key for china cars ID40
    2.Add Suzuki-Alto-93C56 immo data support 

    VVDI 2.6.2 Update:

    1.Fix bug for write old cdc32xx immo data
    2.Add make dealer key for china cars
    3.Add transponder autodetect. Add support for Temic 11, Temic 12
    4.Fix bug for prepare special transponder
    5.Don't provide extra update tool. You can update your device from Menu->Options->Update to update firmware

    VVDI Includes 3 Parts: ImmoPlus, VAG Commander software, Tag Key Tool function
    1. ImmoPlus supports prepare delaer key for VAG new cars. Such as VW 4th/5th immobilizer. Even the car lost all working key or with keyless.
    2. VAG Commander Software can do diagonistics for VAG cars. Also change KM, read PIN, learning key etc.
    3. Tag Key Tool is used for chipset read/write. Make key with eeprom dump file etc.

    Support Car List:

    1 AN002 - KM-CAN
    1 AN003 - PIN-CAN
    1 AN004 - IMMO panel
    1 AN005 - IMMO panel EDC16
    1 AN006 - KM/PIN K-Line
    1 AN008 - Flash Counters
    1 AN009 - Key learning
    1 AN010 - Airbag EEPROM
    1 AN011 - TV Activation
    1 AN012A- EDC16 Odometer
    1 AN012B- EDC16 EEP/PIN/IMMO-off
    1 AN014 - EDC17 EEPROM
    1 AN015 - Flash Memory ECU
    1 AN016 - Dealer key learning
    1 AN018 - Dealer key learning Q7
    1 AN019 - Prepare Dealer Key Q7
    1 AN021 - ME7 EEPROM by CAN
    1 AN022 - CDC32xx Programmer
    1 AN027 - Q7 2008

    VAG Vehicle Diagnostic Interface VVDI Function Added:
    1. Support NEC 24C32, NEC 24C64 change mileage through obd2, generate dealer's keys, read and write EEPROM and backup flash data.
    2. Support GOLF5 MM7(9S12) change mileage through obd2, generate dealer's keys, read and write EEPROM and backup flash data.
    3. Add TA special chip pre-program. Directly pre-program ID48 to TA2,TA3, TA4, TA5 chips.

    1) Extracting security access codes (PIN) by OBDII
    2) Programming keys by OBDII. Preparation of dealer's keys.
    3) Mileage recalibration by OBDII
    4) Clearing crash data DTCs by OBDII
    5) Read/Program flash memory of engine control units by OBDII. Options for resetting the number of flashing attempts.
    6) Exchange speed limit of MMI-TV system

    Standard Diagnostic Functions:
    1) Connect to the device using KWP2000 over TP2.0, KWP2000 over TP1.6, UDS over ISO transport protocol (CAN), KWP1281 or KWP2000 over K-Line
    2) For all electronic control units reading identification data
    3) For all electronic control units read error (DTCs)
    4) For all electronic control units clear error (DTCs)
    5) Scan all units
    6) Broadcast requests
    7) Measured values
    8) Adaptation

    Special Functions:
    1 Instrument CAN

    (1) With this function you can establish diagnostic session with the Instrument cluster using KWP2000 over TP2.0
    (2) You can read current odometer value
    (3) You can change odometer value
    (4) Added support for VDO Instrument Cluster 2006+
    (5) Read/Program memory of instrument cluster immobilizer
    (6) Reading security access code of the IMMOBILIZER
    (7) Read/Write immobilizer related data

    2 EZS - Kessy (Q7/A6/Allroad)
    (1) With this function you can prepare dealer key/learn dealer key
    (2) Read/Write eeprom from EZS - Kessy (Q7/A6/Allroad)

    3 Instrument K-Line
    (1) With this function you can establish diagnostic session with the Instrument cluster via K-Line (KWP1281 or KWP2000)
    (2) You can Read/Change odometer value
    (3) Read PIN code
    (4) Read/Write eeprom
    (5) Read ROM/Flash from the Instrument cluster

    4 Engine Control Unit
    (1) Read MED17 flash memory
    (2) Read/Write of flash memory (EDC15, EDC16 all types Read/Write Flashmemory via OBDII (K and CAN). Calculation of checksums while programming, ME7.1.1, MED9.x, ME7.5)
    (3) Read/Write flash counters (EDC16)
    (4) Read/Write eeprom (VAG-EDC15x, VAG-ME7.1.1, VAG-ME7.1, VAG-ME7.5, VAG-Cartronic ME7.8.)
    (5) Extracting Security access code / PIN (EDC15, ME7.x, VAG-Cartronic ME7.8, EDC16, MED9.x, Simos PPD)
    (6) Extracting Component security bytes (EDC15, ME7.x, VAG-Cartronic ME7.8, EDC16, MED17.5.1, MED 9.x, Simos PPD)
    (7) Enable/Disable immobilizer (EDC15, ME7.x, EDC16)
    (8) Odometer correction (EDC15, EDC16)

    5 Kessy adaptation
    This function can be used for adaptation of brand new kessy units to the car. This adaptation can be by CAN TP2.0, K-KWP2000 and also can be used with Porsche Cayenne.

    6 TV activation ED1/ED2
    (1) Using this special function you can change speed limit of MMI compatible vehicles to change speed where TV becomes OFF

    7 Key learning
    With this function you can learn key/transponder to the vehicle

    8 Dump tool
    With this function you can calculate security access codes, change odometer and so on from EEPROM dump from the corresponding unit

    9 Airbag
    With this special function you can Read/Write EEPROM memory of the airbag module
    Clear the crash data of the airbag module

    10 Custom Read/Write
    Using this application you can read/program memory in some electronic control unit

    11 PIN Convertor

    12 Service interval

    Using this function you can perform reset of the service reminder, reset of the service interval parameters or change service interval options

    13 Remote control adaptation
    Using this application, you can learn remote controls

    14 Navigation
    Using this application, you can enable/disable the “Eject” button of the “Navigation” system

    15 Cruise control system
    Using this application, you can activate/deactivate a cruise control system and change the related
    steering wheel electronics( SWE) configuration if SWE unit is available

    VAG Vehicle Diagnostic Interface VVDI Display:
    VVDI software display 1
    VVDI software display 3
    VVDI software display 4
    VVDI software display 5

    User Comment(Total 2 User Comment Num)

    • by Ric wasylciw,Jan 16,2015

      Can I add other cars other then the ones that are there? Such as Peugeot Citroen Renault mercdes,thanks

      Reply #1 by OBD2TOOL Jan 16,2015
      No, you can not add them to device
      Best Regards


    • by dominique brian,Dec 23,2014

      VVDI it makes the diagnosis for all the cars

      Reply #1 by OBD2TOOL Dec 23,2014
      Thanks for your inquiry
      There is not a tool can diagnose all cars, only do most of them.
      Any more question, contact me freely


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