How to Reset SuperOBD SKP-900 SKP900 Key Programmer Tokens

SuperOBD SKP-900 Skp900 auto key programmer released token limited version before. Few customer order SuperOBD SKP-900 with 980 token, and SuperOBD SKP900 dead with no tokens now. We will share a file to help you release SKP900 tokens limitation so that you can always use your tool even thought its server is off.

I can no longer add tokens to my skp900 as they have locked the server. I tried to add tokens on a SkP900 key programmer , tried multiple connection and different laptop , it says Server no communication.

Heard there is a way to upgrade to V5.0 but you need at least one token left. I ran out of token there is also a way around but I cant find it anywhere. Is anyone aware of this and can help me get back my skp900 with tokens… Thanks.

SKP900 auto key programmer Server Download Cannot Add Token Final Solution:
First of all, yes, SuperOBD SKP900 service is down and no more update/add token, so don’t expect they release a token free version V5.0.1.

If you fail to add token, the first step is update your SKP900 to latest version 5.0 (very important !!!).

Free download SKP900 v5.0 update software!Gn5wECrL!URghY1vM0eRfkb9uPAZDnnC4S320b5PM_W66UvxoZCw

skp900 1

Then, if your device still have more than 0 tokens, download the file V5.0 ALL and V5.0 Little file containing SKP900 Update tool v2.5 and UpdateNew.bin!QMxAzRQL!YpdLbhw_pLOf4hbt9luFJAS53CsNFeVCh53oApc34jo

skp900 2

Use the V5.0 Little File in this zip to flash your device, then it will be token free. Note it has to be V5.0 version.

If your SKP900 reaches 0 tokens, download the file to release the SKP900 tokens limitation

Q:How to see how many token do I’ve? A: Down to about 8 or so, you will get notification.

Q: I try to update skp900 to 5.0 but it failed me and it had ‘white screen ‘ show no connection again , any solution?
1、A: Keep updating until upgrade success completely.

SKP900 key programmer Add Token Instructions


1. Open folder named V5.0 ALL


2. Connect the SKP900 to the computer with a USB cable, open the SKP900 UPDATE TOOL V2.5 , and open the UpdateNew.bin file to upgrade.

3. After swiping V5.0 ALL, open the V5.0 Little File folder:


Run the SKP900 UPDATE TOOL V2.5 , then click Open to select the UpdateNew.bin file to upgrade (the SKP900 host needs to be connected to the computer).