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How to Solve?Yanhua Mini ACDP Programming lost all authorization after software update

This is a tip for those cannot see authorization after Yanhua Mini  ACDP update.   Image: Yanhua Mini ACDP doesn’t have any authorization after software update If you have the issue, just login the app and go to me, then device authorization information   Then refresh, and your authorization will come back and work   We […]

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How to use Yanhua ACDP add new key for Land Rover KVM MC9S12XEQ384_3M25J

Follow the guide to connect Yanhua Mini ACDP basic module and Land Rover KVM module. In the left rear of the car, open the plaque, see the fuse box, remove the fuse box and see the RAF smart computer Connect Yanhua ACDP to OBP+ ICP adapter, then to BDM adapter, then to KVM adapter. Wait the […]

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