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Digiprog 3 clone Test on VW Golf 6 Odometer Correction

OBD2TOOL engineer share a Digiprog 3 clone test case on VW Golf 6 2012 Mileage programming. Here you go…. Digiprog 3 clone changes km of Golf 6 2012 the current mileage: 212099km connect Mileage Correction Tool Digiprog 3 to the car via OBD then the machine starts select a car: VW-Golf-Golf 6-Tacho Diag 2012 DP3 is reading […]

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using Digiprog iii Program digital odometer with 9s12 Processors

Almost all clusters with 9s12 Processors have this setup, a quick way to program almost any digital odometer with a 9s12 processor. I have had good success using ST48 and the MCU function from Eeprom menu of Digiprog iii V4.94. See example picture, a lot of times the two unused pads have no solder bump […]

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the difference between v4.94 version of digiprog III and v4.88 version digiprog 3

the newest version of digiprog 3 is  V4.94 , It is newer then the v4.88 version . V4.94 digiprog III  Add Model List: Audi : -A3 new version Ford : -F150 24C16 -Falcon 24c02 Mercedes : -W176 new version -W204 new version Diag -w212 new version Diag Opel : -Insignia new version -Astra new version […]

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