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How to save and write ECM data for Nissan Sentra 2014 with Launch X431 Torque?

Nissan Sentra ECM Data Save & Write by Launch X431 Throttle: First select “Nissan” To confirm the software select “OK” Select “The Vehicle With 16PIN” Confirm VIN select “OK” Select “Automatic Selection” Confirm VIN,Model,Year and select “OK” Select “System Selection” Select “BCM(Body Control Module)” It will show you a system information,just press “OK” Select “Special […]

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FAQ about LAUNCH X431 V Pro 8 Tablet Full System Auto Diagnostic Tool

  1. How to save power? • Please turn off the screen while LAUNCH X431 V keeps idle. • Set a shorter standby time. • Decrease the brightness of the screen. • If WLAN connection is not required, please turn it off. • Disable GPS function if GPS service is not in use   2. […]

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Europe Ford Focus Mileage Programming after Replacement by Launch X431

This article show a guide on how to use Launch X431 to program mileage for Europe Ford Focus after instrument cluster replacement. This function is only necessary on newly installed instrument clusters.   The attention of the two points : A,It is not possible to overwrite a value lower than the mileage. B,If the odometer write […]

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Launch X431 V+ HD3

How does Launch X431 V+ HD3 with HD III module Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic Tool work?

Launch X-431 V+ is a brand new advanced automotive fault diagnostic tool based on Android system. It passes on Launch advantages in automotive fault diagnostic technology, such as wide Car and Truck model coverage, powerful function, abundant special function and accurate test data, etc.   The HD module must work on any of the x431 […]

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Newest Launch Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic Tool Named Launch X431 V+ HD3 Supporting Wifi/Bluetooth!

Launch X-431 V+ HD3 is a modified version of the multi-brand scanner Launch X-431 Pro which, in its new edition, received a more powerful tablet and a diagnostic function for heavy duty vehicles. The device includes all the advantages of the Pro series and is presented with advanced diagnostic algorithms that allow you to quickly […]

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FQA about launch X431 V/V+/PRO/PRO3 Diagnostic Tools

How to save power? 1.Please turn off the screen while X431 V/V+/PRO/PRO3 keeps idle. 2.Set a shorter standby time. 3.Decrease the brightness of the screen. 4.If WLAN connection is not required, please turn it off. 5.Disable GPS function if GPS service is not in use What should I do in case I forgot the screen […]

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How to check launch x431 serial product software version, what vehicles can test and support functions ?

Search Launch X431 V,x431 V+ ,x431 PRO,x431 PRO3,x431 PAD, x431 PAD2 and more launch x431 product support vehicles models and test function 1.Open the X431 link: http://www.x431.com/service/testListAction.do?method=showVehicle 2. Fill in the vehicle type name you need search, fox example,fill in BMW, click search, picture as following 3.Double click BMW, then you can see launch x431 […]

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How to uninstall and reinstall LAUNCH X431 V Client

Step 1: Uninstall Launch X431 V client Step 2: Delete “cnlaunch “ from these 2 files: “ES File Explorer” and “File Manager” as following picture shows: Step3: Browse www.dbscar.com to download the newest version for X431 V client, and then install it. Important Note:you need to find X431 V under “Product Introduction”, and install X431 V […]

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How to register LAUNCH X431 V and uninstall LAUNCH X431 V apk ?

Launch X431 V Replacement of X431 IV,X431 Diagun 3 and X431 PRO,Supports wifi/Bluetooth, update online.Supports up to 69 car brands and whole system of cars.Allows to Print out data via LAUNCH wifi printer. The steps of how to uninstall launch x-431 v apk as following: Step1: Uninstall X431 V apk from your tablet Step2: Delete […]

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Update steps for Launch X431 V and X431 V+

Launch x431 V and launch X-431 V+ is taking the advantage of mobile internet, can share maintenance data and case library, provide instant maintenance information, and build public and private maintenance social circle,etc.,thus lead to wide car diagnostic community. It is a typical diagnostic device contributed by Launch to diagnostic industry concerning internet application Now […]

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