2018 Caterpillar SIS installation instrcution

You can install cat sis software following next steps.

  1. Unzip iso,find SIS file,install setup.exe
  2. Load iszwith virtual drive (Alcohol 120%),and install
  3. Load isz,and install
  4. Load isz,and install
  5. Unzip sis_patch 123file,password is 123,Copy and paste the unzipped files to the SIS installation catalog.(Find SIS on desktop,click right key-file location)
  6. Double click SIS icon,prompt to activate.
  7. Unzip sis_kg 2013calculator,activate it.
  8. Open SIS after activation,first it need load license,put yogocat masterin the desktop,find import user on SIS page.Then load.Choose the file yogocat master ,click √,click import,after jumping interface,click login.
  9. Put ID and password to log in.ID:yogocatPASSWORD:master,next page choose cat dealer,agree with it,then you can open SIS homepage.

If you still have problem on installation,please check here to get the installation video.