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Free Download iProg Pro Programmer Software and Installation Steps

Free download 2019 iProg Pro programmer software link: iProg Pro V77:!Lp0gBabA!ITgGaTD6xIi2NMW5dumebQ901EUpTfWIUS6XWlXLYrw   iProg + V76:!lB500aYY!7fQobGqzPhokgB-wU4lUzKCES4ugxAFrfRhyb13Wis   iProg+ v43 and v55:!7LxjCRqD!53iXL6K3Ku_3SAzSN0-3po885aFJYLPSrnTyTYhr1Vg   iProg Pro V77 installation method is same as v76,you just check how to install v76 is enough for v77 installation.   Iprog+ V76 Win7 installation in 7 steps: Open the CD, you […]

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Comparison: Launch X431 Heavy Duty Module New HDIII VS Old One

The X431 HD old model will work with LAUNCH X431 V+, X431 PRO3, X431 PADII, and it also works with other Andorid tablets, witch comes with ROM 4G, RAM 8G.   The HD 3 module must work on any of the x431 v plus or pro3 or pad ii account which old customer have purchased […]

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How to Choose Correct Key Programmer on MAN Truck?

Question: I have a MAN TGA 2005 year with FFR. I need to write a new transponder to start the truck but i can’t find the eeprom on the  FFR and does not have proper tool to do it.   Any help?   Answer: Here’s demo guide on MAN truck key programming including eeprom location […]

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New Holland Electronic Service Tools with CNH DPA5 kit diagnostic tool

New Holland Electronic Service Tool Download:!WVghzKwY!anc22uzd2t41QLiGgAt88Q   New Holland Electronic Service Tools DESCRIPTION Electronic Service Tool (EST) Engineering Level* (software only) – used by New Holland dealer technicians to connect with vehicles that have a Controller Area Network (CAN) BUS.   Supported languages: English, Italian, Russian, Polish, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Danish. OS: VISTA,Win 8 […]

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How to do SPS or SPS Pass-Thru Programming with Tis2web ?

Important: SPS programming of vehicle controllers is not supported in GDS2. For SPS Pass Through programming with the J2534 interface tool, use the TIS2Web SPS application.   GDS2: GDS2 is designed for use by trained service personnel to diagnose and repair automotive electronic systems. Every attempt has been made to provide complete and accurate technical information […]

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Volvo Vida

FAQ for Volvo Vida Dice 2014D Volvo Diagnostic Tool

Volvo Vida Dice Description: 1.DICE – Diagnostic Communication Equipment, is a tool that is used together with VIDA all-in-one to communicate with the vehicle.Communication makes diagnosing and troubleshooting the vehicle possible, as well as downloading software. 2.DICE has an integrated CARB cable, which is connected to the vehicle’s diagnostic socket. When connecting to the vehicle, […]

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MASERATI MDVCI Diagnostic Tool Supports Diagnosis,Matching Programming with Maintenance Data

MDVCI=Maserati Diagnosi Vehicle Communication Interface. The MDVCI of Maserati Diagnostics System is an electronic device for the diagnostics of electronic control units(ECU) installed in modern vehicles. It’s cover Maserati from 1995 year(Ghibli and Quattroporte)3200GT,4200 from MY2002-MY2006,Qauttroporte and gran tourismo from 2004 till 2016.   MDVCI software language: English, Germany, Spanish, French, Brazilian, Chinese   Maserati […]

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How to read and write chip AT93C56-8bit AT93C66-8bit AT25160B with Lonsdor K518S Programmer?

This article is available with Lonsdor K518 KPROG-2 supported eeprom chip reading & writing list (24xxx, 93XX, 25xxx, 95xxx), and the guide of Lonsdor K518S read and write eeprom chip AT93C56-8bit, AT93C66-8bit, AT25160B. First is the adapters connection: Please connect these accessories (number 2,3 4 in the following image) and then to plug to the […]

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How to Install OEM Orange 5 Programmer Software?

Note:For OEM Orange 5 programmer software,you do not need install software.Only install the Orange 5 programmer interface driver,then you can use software directly.   How to Install OEM Orange 5 Programmer software in XP system? Open the download folder,and click to open [software] folder Copy the “orange 5 v1.34” folder to desktop Connect OEM Orange 5 […]

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How to Solve?Yanhua Mini ACDP Programming lost all authorization after software update

This is a tip for those cannot see authorization after Yanhua Mini  ACDP update.   Image: Yanhua Mini ACDP doesn’t have any authorization after software update If you have the issue, just login the app and go to me, then device authorization information   Then refresh, and your authorization will come back and work   We […]

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