Car FANS C800 SCR Repair VS Adblue Emulator

Adblue Emulator is used for shield the SCR, the shielding method is any of the following pieces:
The urea pump does not work, the car does not burn urea, and the car has no limited twist.
The urea pump works normally, but the urea solution burns less.
The urea pump works normally, but regardless of whether the urea pump burns water or urea solution, the car will has no limited twist.

This is what Adblue Emulator used for.

Hazard of shielding urea:
Engine weakness
Urea pump damage
Injector blockage
Silencing catalyst sulfur poisoning
SCR system damage

Engine replacement (2980usd-7452usd)
Urea pump repair (745usd-1342usd)
Replace the injector: 45USD- 149USD
Silencing catalyst repair 1200USD-2232USD
SCR system replacement : 2976USD

Howe ever, CAR FANS C800 is for repairing the SCR instead of shielding it.

Here Carfans C800 SCR option:


Carfans C800 SCR types: