Honda Civic Type R 2017 Static Camera Aiming Calibration by X431 PAD V

After replacing front windshield for Honda Civic Type R 2017, B2A60-54 Static Camera Aiming incomplete, used LAUNCH X431 ADAS Pro & X431 PAD V to calibrate Static Camera Aiming successfully.

Hook X431 PAD V up to the car through Smartbox3.0

Perform full diagnose.
Path: Local diagnose -> Asian -> Honda -> 16PIN DLC -> General (Area)

Scan the system, it will show the normal, abnormal, scanned, not scanned and not equipped.

System list, the abnormal option is: B2A60-54 Static Camera Aiming incomplete.

Adas System select and then Adas System scan, the result is B2A60-54 Static Camera Aiming incomplete.

Select “Read Fault Code” and have VIN number, ECU name / identifier / Serial Number etc.

Fault code is read out.

Click on “Special Function”.

Click on “Static Camera Aiming”.

Read “Calibration required” and “pre-calibration preparation”.

Next is to setup the ADAS pro with the distance.

Start the calibration.

Static Camera Aiming is complete.

Turn the ignition switch off.
Click on “Yes” to save the ADAS report.

Read fault code and No trouble code, alright, calibration job is done.

Full diagnose to check all the system working.
Alright, all work normal.
All warning gone.
All back to normal.

Alright, this is how to use LAUNCH X431 ADAS Pro & X431 PAD V to calibrate Static Camera Aiming, perfect, I am happy with it.