How to Open the Corresponding Disk When Running Mitchell Ondemand Software

Mitchell On Demand, currently in its fifth version and known by the commercial name of On Demand 5, is a technical management software for auto dealers and repair shops. The software allows you to quickly look up parts and models to identify recent information about recalls or guidance for repairs and maintenance.

Some customers running our Mitchell Ondemand software , don’t know how to open the corresponding disk , let’s check the details here

1.Double click Ondemand5 , running Mitchell Ondemand software :

Select the Year , brands ,model and system :

Then you will see the windows like picture display as bellow :

Some customers thought this is the software issues .
But of course not , this display “ please insert disc : Repair 11 “ . Actually we have made the DVD files to the virtual DVD files to the hard disk .

2. You should running the Virtual drive software from the desktop :

3.Running the corresponding DVD file :” REPAIR11.ISO” , you will see the details like the picture display :

4.Back to Demands5 software , you can click OK , and you can check all what you want to see now

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