How to Register & Download Autel BT608 Software

This is a quick guide on how to register & download Autel MaxiBAS BT608 software for the first time. Introduced 2 ways of registration, the method of software download and BAS firmware download.

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How to Pair & Upgrade Autel BT608 VCI & Firmware?
1. Power on the Autel BT608. Swipe down from the top of the screen and a drop-down menu will display. Long press the WLAN icon to enter the WLAN setting menu.
2. Swipe the WLAN toggle to turn on the Wi-Fi. Select your network and enter password to sign in.
3. The Wi-Fi icon will display at the top right corner of the screen when connection is established.
*Note: only registered Autel tools can download software updates.

How to register Autel BT608 tool?
Registration via Tablet
1. After the device is connected to Wi-Fi, access “Update”. A dialog box will display asking you to register your tool. Tap “OK”.
2. A sign-in screen will display. Create an Autel ID using an accessible email address.
3. Enter your email address, password and tap “Verification code”. Check your email for the verification code, enter the verification code, and tap “Sign up”.
4. The serial number and password fields will be automatically completed. Tap “REGISTER”.

Registration via a Windows-based PC
1. Using a computer, launch an Internet browser and go to Click Create Autel ID on the left side of the screen. If you already have an Autel ID, sign in and skip to Step 6.
2. Set preferred language. Enter your email address as Autel ID. Click “Get Verification Code”.
3. An email titled “Verification Code for New User Registration” will be sent to you. Open email and copy the 6-digit verification code. Return to to continue registration.
4. Enter verification code and all other required information marked with a red asterisk. Enter Captcha code as shown. Read the Autel Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and select the check box.
5. Click “Create Autel ID” at the bottom of the screen. Registration Complete screen will display. Click “Sign in Now” and log in.
6. Select Product Registration from the menu list. Product Registration screen will display.
7. To locate the tool’s serial number and password: from the Main Menu select the “Setting” icon and tap “About”.
8. Input your tool’s Product Serial Number and Password. Type Captcha code as shown. Click “Submit” to complete tablet registration.

How to download Autel BT608 software?
* If updates are available, the number of available updates will display above the green “Update” button.
1. Select the “Update” button to view a list of available updates.
2. Download the system update by selecting the “Download” button on the right.
3. Download update for each vehicle manufacturer your service.

How to download Autel BT608 BAS firmware?
1. Select “Settings” from the main screen and tap “BAS management”. On the Firmware tab page, select “Detect Firmware”.
2. A dialog box will display when new firmware version is available. Select “Get the new version” to download the new BAS firmware.