How to Use HINO DX3 to Delete DTCs for HINO Truck

HINO DX3 is updated version of HINO DX2,it is special software for HINO trucks diangostics.After reading DTCs by HINO DX3,you need clear it.So show you guide on how to use HINO DX3 to delete DTCs for HINO trucks.

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1.Click of press the [Delete DTC] button on the System selection screen.
(System selection screen)

2.A confirmation message will appear; then click or press the [OK] button.
(Deleting all DTCs screen)

3.Deleting DTCs starts.
(Deleting all DTCs screen)

4.When deleting is completed, a message will appear; then click or press the [OK] button.(Deleting all DTCs screen)

5.When deleting is completed, System selection screen display is updated.
(System selection screen)

More case for HINO please refer to:HINO Trouble Repair.