How to use Super ICOM Pro N3+

The Super BMW ICOM Pro N3+ is developed on the basis of BMW’s special inspection devices ICOM A1, A2, A3, and N3. On the basis of inheriting the advantages of these products, N3+ optimizes and upgrades them. It is 100% compatible with the original BM-W special inspection software without any software changes, and J2534 and DOIP are added on the basis of the special inspection.

The N3+ is the same as the N3, with one code for one machine, and the wireless is bonded with the machine code, which is convenient for customer service and product tracking.

Super ICOM Pro N3+=BWM special inspection+J2534+DOIP+WIFI
It covers all functions of N3, and both of them adapt original ICOM solution which allows firmware update from ICOM server. ICOM Next is a specific BMW dealer level diagnostic scanner. The clone uses different solution, so it cannot scan non-OBDII older models or motorcycles.

Moreover, N3+ also supports both DOIP and J2534, and has a one-key switch button to freely switch between ICOM software and J2534/DoIP software.

Super ICOM PRO N3+ Highlights:
Supports WiFi and USB connection.
Firmware update online
Replace ICOM Next and ENET cable. Fully compatible BMW ICOM ISTA-D, ISTA-P, INPA, WinKFP, E-sys etc engineering software
With OBDII to 20-PIN cable for old BM-W and 10-PIN cable for BM-W motorcycle
Compatible with DoIP protocol
Can be used as J2534 Passthru device for ODIS HDS TIS GDS2 SDD etc

How to use Super ICOM Pro N3+?

1. Plug the power supply into N3+ or connect with the vehicle via the OBD cable, and connect the USB cable of N3+.

2. Open the computer, and connect it to the USB cable
3. Open the computer configuration interface and find “Realtek USB FE Family Controller” network

4. Click Properties>> TCP/IPV4, and set the IP address and DNS server addresses as below.
IP address:
Subnet mask:
Default gateway:
Preferred DNS server:
After setting, click OK, and the wired network configuration is completed.

5. If you want to replace a new N3+ on the same computer, you need to reset the IP address. After the setting is completed, the computer will be bound to N3+, and the network icon will disappear after you unplug the USB cable. After using the N3+ with wired and wireless Internet access, you do not need to set the IP address again.

6. Then use the BMW special inspection software to test normally.

7. When using wireless detection,you need to dial down the USB cable at the end of the computer, and then you will find that the SSID is N3+ ICOM-****. Connect directly, and input the password 123456789, no equipment is required, you can directly use BMW special inspection software.

8. Use N3+ J2534 function to test a Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Volkswagen, Honda, Land Rover, etc.:

Open the special test software, install the J2534 driver, select the PassThru menu in the special test software, select the ISO J2534 device from the list, plug in the USB cable between the computer and N3+, long press the N3+ switch button for 3s, and the N3+ host wired and wireless indicator will flash to test normally.

9. Use the DOIP function of N3+ to test the DOIP protocol of new Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Land Rover, etc.:

First plug in the USB cable between the computer and N3+, long press the N3+ switch button for 3s, the wired wireless indicator of the N3+ host will flash, then turn on the wireless of the computer, find N3+ ICOM-**** wireless, connect directly, enter the password 123456789, start the special inspection software, find the DOIP menu to test directly.

10. N3+ is a BMW special inspection tool, 100% running BMW special inspection procedures, the tested models and the test results are completely consistent with BMW special inspection. The functions of N3+ are auxiliary functions. In the range tested by J2534 and DOIP, the results are consistent with those of the special inspection, but they cannot include all functions and models of the special inspection, mainly for the detection of CAN, K and DOIP functions of new OBD models. It can replace J2534 detection line and ENET line.