J2534 Diagnostic & Reprogramming – Hyundai

Hyundai Motor America (HMA) is now offering a J2534 Diagnostic Tool software application for the diagnosis of Hyundai vehicles. In order to use the J2534 Diagnostic Tool software, you will need to purchase a subscription. In addition to the J2534 Diagnostic Tool software subscription, a SAE J2534-1/2 compliant passthru vehicle communication interface (VCI) device is required to perform vehicle diagnostics.

The J2534 Diagnostic Tool Software covers diagnostics on 2018 & later Hyundai vehicles:
– Read and Erase DTCs
– Read Live Data
– Perform Bi-Directional Tests
– Perform Special Functions
– Read ECU Information

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NOTE: This software provides access to Hyundai Immobilizer and Smart Key systems; however, the system PIN codes must be requested at Hyundai Tech Info website. PIN codes are only available to registered Vehicle Security Professionals (VSP).

Vehicle Communication Interfaces (VCI)
The Hyundai J2534 Reprogramming and Diagnostic Tool software supports a SAE J2534-1/2 compliant passthru VCI device for use on Hyundai vehicles sold in the US. The devices, firmware, and APIs listed below have been tested by HMA and under no circumstances do we recommend the use of a non-approved J2534 device. Consequently, Hyundai Motor America (HMA) has worked closely with the following J2534 device manufacturers to ensure the hardware and software complies with all J2534-1/2 specifications.

Recommended J2534 Diagnostic Tool Software devices listed below:

NOTE: Hyundai Motor America (HMA) does not provide technical support for these devices.

Minimum PC Requirements for Hyundai J2534 Diagnostic Tool software: