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How to solve error “Erase Failed”with CG Pro 9S12 Programmer?

Here are solutions for any user gets in troubles when using a CG Pro programmer for 35160WT chip.   The error message: Erase failed   The cg pro 9s12 programmer and 35160wt adapter:  

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How to Program key for Jaguar Land Rover KVM XEP100 with CG Pro 9S12 Freescale Programmer?

CG Pro 9S12 programmer adds Jaguar/Land rover KVM key programming (no need other devices) in previous software upgrade.  Here’s a demo guide on adding a new key to Land rover KVM XEP100.   Step 1: Read KVM data BCM computer RFA computer XEP100   Remove the BCM and RFA computer from the vehicle Check the […]

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