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How to choose GM Diagnosctic Scan Tool: GM Tech 2 or MDI or MDI 2? GDS1 or GDS2?

Here’s an info about the General Motors scan tools, including discussion of the Tech 2, MDI and current GDS 2. It looks like the trend is toward subscription services and frequent payment for updates.   GM TECH 2 handheld scan tool or MDI-2 GDS2 PC-based system? From 1992 to 2009 and certain newer vehicles, GM […]

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GM Tech2

Feedback from GM Tech2 with CANdi TIS Works for GM/SAAB/OPEL/SUZUKI/ISUZU/Holden

I’ve got one and it works perfect on my 08   A few of us have them….. works great! Can also get to things like the rear air ride (if yours has that) which no other tool can deal with.   That being said I’ve seen on other forums where some people have major issues […]

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How to do self test on VCI , Keypad, CANdi and RS232 with GM Tech2 Scanner?

How to do GM Tech 2 scanner self test step-by-step? 1.VCI self test 2.Keypad self test 3.CANdi self test 4.RS-232 self test   Follow the instruction in detail…   Part 1: Tech2 VCI self test Insert the GM card Connect the adapter and ready for the self test Go to the main menu and select […]

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How to Self-test with GM Tech2 CANDi module?

The power light on the CANdi module doesn’t come on when connected to the GM Tech2 .If that’s what you mean mine does not light up either. I think they should flash when linked to the car’s computer as that means the CANdi module is communicating. Bosch instructions: GM Tech2 CANdi User’s Guide: P/N 08002749 […]

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How to slove the problem for GM MDI “no communication with the vehicle” and Solutions About GM MDI Scan tool for some problems

Tech2Win is a Windows application which can be loaded onto a service PC or laptop via TIS2Web. It provides much convenience to the operation of GM MDI diagnostic scanner. But improper operation may leads to system errors. Here provides the MDI Tech2Win no communication error and solution.   Problem: After install Tech2Win software application, connect […]

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How to program key fob to 2007 Cadillac CTS-V using a GM Tech2 Tech II scanner

This is an instruction on how to program key fob to 2007 Cadillac CTS-V using a GM Tech2 Tech II scanner. Model:2007 Cadillac CTS-V The process…here you go… The key to be programmed Insert the key and ignition on The GM Tech2 scan tool power on   In the main menu,go to Diagnostics Select model:2007 Cadillac […]

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How to do self test of GM tech 2 scanner GM diagnostic Tool ?

GM tech 2 Scanner Self Test If you want to self test your GM tech 2 scanner , please follow these steps: 1. Insert GM card into card slot of Tech 2 2. Insert the self test adapter with the main unit and start the main unit. 3. Enter the menu, and choose “F4 tool […]

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