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How to collect data with Handy Baby 2 and JMD Assistant when VW Skoda 4th all key lost?

Handy Baby 2 Hand-held Car Key Copy Key Programmer for 4D/46/48 Chips Language: English/Spanish/Portuguese(color sent randomly) This Device can’t work together with CN2 Chip or CN1 Copy 4C Chip, you need use specially designed 4D/4C Chip, ID46 Chip Update Free Online on Offcial Website   If your VW Skoda 4th all key lost,How to collect […]

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How to Register and Activate JMD Handy Baby II Key Copy Machine?

You need to register the device first when you use Handy baby II key copy machine. To use G chip (for free) and ID48 chip copy function (need adapter), you need to activate the authorization before use.  Here’s tutorial on handy baby 2 registration.   How to Register Handy Baby II? Download JMD Client app from official website […]

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JMD Handy Baby Key Copy Machine Software Update to 9.0.2

JMD Handy baby key copy machine software release to V9.0.2 on August 16th, 2018.  Handy Baby newest version 9.0.2 can copy 46 chip by king chip directly , can generate some 7935 chip and decode some 40/41/45 chip. Handy Baby 9.0.2 update content: 1. Optimize BYD 46 chip one-click write key data, increase password-free matching 2. […]

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