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How to read and write chip AT93C56-8bit AT93C66-8bit AT25160B with Lonsdor K518S Programmer?

This article is available with Lonsdor K518 KPROG-2 supported eeprom chip reading & writing list (24xxx, 93XX, 25xxx, 95xxx), and the guide of Lonsdor K518S read and write eeprom chip AT93C56-8bit, AT93C66-8bit, AT25160B. First is the adapters connection: Please connect these accessories (number 2,3 4 in the following image) and then to plug to the […]

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How to Read Pin and Program key on Renault Clio IV (4) with LONSDOR K518S Key Programmer when all leys lost?

When Renault Clio 4 all keys lost,we can solve it with LONSDOR K518S key programming tool.   Note: Require to dismantle the smart key module HFM to read D-FLASH D70F3633 data by programmer (VVDI Prog, Orange5 etc) then copy bin file to K518S “customfile” folder. In K518S, select Renault->Select from vehicle->Clio->Clio IV->2012 up->All key lost […]

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How to reads PIN on older Fiat with Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer?

How ro add PIN read for older Fiat with Lonsdor K518ISE? (Doblo 2005 – 2009 or Ducato 2006 – 2012 etc.)   The test on Doblo:   Select a model: Fiat- Europe-Doblo-2009-   Lonsdor reads PIN codes   The function can read PIN code and save data   Pls use a working key to turn […]

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LONSDOR K518S Auto Key Programmer same as Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer and car list

Lonsdor K518S  Key Programmer: 1.Support language: English 2.Update: One key update online ;  No Need Token for all cars 3.Support  Immobilization Key Programming, dometer adjustment 4.Built-in-in Volkswagen 4th & 5th adapter 5.Built-in Chip & remote detection module. 6.Support car list : http://en.lonsdor.com/html/function 7.Free BMW FEM key programming 8.K518S key programmer is the latest version of […]

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