Volvo VOCOM diagnostic adapters for VOCOM

Volvo VOCOM II Adapter provides communication / translation between the computer and the vehicle. The VOCOM II Communication Unit is designed to hold up to the harshest workshop.

Features include:
Improved LED indicators
Improved quality of cables
Military standard on connectors
Better liquid and dust ingress protectors
Metal casing and rubber bumpers for better protection
Operates from -40 Celsius to +85 Celsius
Shock resistance: 2 meters
802.11 b/g wireless
Warranty: 1 years

This is the most recent adapter from Volvo

1) 88890305 USB Cable
PANGOLIN 88890305 Scanner Cable Automotive USB Cable for Volvo VOCOM 88890300 VOCOMII 88894000 Diagnostic Adapter Tool Excavator Spare Parts. This diagnostic tool cable can work for Volvo 88890305 VOCOM 88890300 VOCOMII 88894000 Replacement Excavator Parts

2) 88890304 OBD Cable
OBD2 Main Diagnostic Cable for Volvo 88890304 Interface Main Test Cable for Volvo Vocom 88890304 OBD-II Cable Vocom ,this cable only use for Vocom diagnostic tool , it is OBD2 16PIN TO 26pin . It only use for Volvo vocom diagnostic tool . another diagnostic tool cann’t use

3) 88890306 FCI/8 PIN Cable
Diagnostic Tool Car Cable 8Pin Cable for Volvo Vocom 88890306

4) 88890302 12 Pin Cable
12 Pin Cable for Volvo 88890302 Vocom diagnostic tool

5) 9993832 14 pin diagnostic cable
14Pin Cable for Volvo 9993832 Vocom diagnostic tool

6) 9 Pin Cable
The Volvo VOCOM diagnostic adapter does not come with any cables, so these would need to be purchased separately. This 9 pin diagnostic cable is used to connect your VOCOM adapter to most Volvo trucks with a with standard 9 pin connector.
* For most Volvo trucks with standard 9 connector.
* Works with the VOCOM adapter.
* Genuine Volvo cable.