W223 W206 Coding Solution – DTS Monaco 9.02 FAQ

After Mercedes-Benz blocked all SCN online accounts, many workshops could only perform offline diagnostics with Xentry and offline coding with DTS 8.16. However, DTS 8.16 doesn’t work for new cars like the W223 and W206, which are popular in car modification shops. This article addresses the frequently asked questions about coding these new models using DTS Monaco 9.02.

Q1: How can I do coding for W223 and W206?
A1: Currently, SCN is not available, but you can use DTS Monaco 9.02, also known as “Softing DTS 9,” which is developed specifically for coding new cars like the W223 and W206.

Q2: What are the highlights of DTS Monaco 9.02?
1. Supports remote coding like DTS 8.16
2. Supports DoIP Protocol for repairing new cars like W223 and W206
3. Based on the latest OTX standard, the software offers automation and precise problem-solving with self-generated user interfaces, increasing work speed

Q3: How do I use DTS Monaco 9.02?
1. Install DTS Monaco 9.02 Software
2. Obtain ZenZefi certificates for DTS 9
3. Perform coding with DTS 9
The OBD2TOOL team provides a one-time, 1-hour subscription for ZenZefi certificates.

Q4: Can I use DTS 9 to code all W223 and W206 modules without SCN online?
A4: No, DTS 9 cannot fix anti-theft modules like EZS, VGS, and Gearbox. However, it can fix non-anti-theft modules such as air conditioning, instruments, and rear door modules. For anti-theft modules, online coding is still required.

Q5: What’s the difference between DTS 8.16 and DTS 9?
A5: DTS 8.16 works for older cars, while DTS 9 works for newer cars like the W223 and W206.

Q6: Do I need to remove DTS Monaco 8.16 if I install 9.02?
A6: No, you can have both DTS 8.16 and DTS 9 on the same laptop. Use DTS 8.16 for older cars and DTS 9.02 for newer cars.

Q7: Does DTS Monaco 9.02 work without activation/certificate?
A7: No, without ZenZefi, DTS 9.02 is less useful than DTS 8.16 and only works on SMR, not CBF. DTS 8.16 works perfectly with all chassis, both online and offline, including W223 and W297, but requires an online account.

Q8: Can I use DTS 9 for coding and flashing a W223 after changing a light strip? 9.02 with ZenZefi works for this purpose.

Q9: Can I use DTS 9 for coding a W223 after changing the SAM REAR module?
A9: Yes, you can use DTS 9 to do the coding.

Q10: What’s the best diagnostic tool for DTS 9.02?
A10: The original MB Star C6 (original VCI) or Enet cable is the best tool to enter the DoIP protocol.

DTS Monaco 9.02 provides a solution for coding new Mercedes-Benz models like the W223 and W206 when SCN online accounts are not available. With the help of ZenZefi certificates, workshops can perform offline coding for non-anti-theft modules. However, for anti-theft modules, online coding is still necessary.