Xtool X100 Pad2 Program 2017 Suzuki Omni All Keys Lost

Look here, used XTOOL PAD2 ( X100 PAD2 Pro ) to program AKL on a 2017 Suzuki Omni succeed only need 3 mins!

Blank Key option: ID46 Chip

Main steps:

Step 1: Read security code
Step 2: All Keys Lost

The procedure:

Connect XTool X100 PAD2 key programmer to the vehicle Ignition Switch on the table via the main cable

Choose the vehicle and function: Insuzeki>>india>immobilzer>>by vehicle >>K series >>Type 1>> All Key lost

1.Read security code

After press the “All keys lost “Press OK and cancel the input security code and Remember ID code numbers 739E E807 6F32 3D84 0A2D Then go back to Pin calculator, choose “20 Digt to 4 digt”

Input the pin code (20 PIN ) then we could get the security code B509

2.All Keys Lost

Then back to “immobilizer” to choose by vehicle >>K series Type 1>> All Key lost to input the security code: B509

Input the car model year and month :2017, 04

Kindly note: after performing this function (ALL keys lost)all keys will be erased, here we press Yes to continue

Xtool x100 pad2 to program AKL to my 2017 Suzuki Omni success! whether to program the next one? Press YES to continue, NO to finish the work.