2014 Volkswagen Polo P106900 Trouble Repair by Launch X431

A Volkswagen New Polo 2014 dashboard turned to system failure warning lights, system failures code “P106900 – collision cutoff has been triggered”.Here www.obd2tool.com will show you guide on how to use Launch X431 to repair/reset this trouble. And for more about Volkswagen repair,please check here:Volkswagen Trouble Repair.

What You need?
Launch X431 Device

1.Switch on the ignition;
2.Keep the battery voltage more than 12V;
3.X-431 should be performed in a good WiFi state, otherwise the diagnosis will be abnormal due to poor signal.

Operation Procedure
1.Select ShaiHai VW V21.61;
2.Select VW General System ;
3.Select system selection;
4.Select 44 Steering booster system

5.Perform [read fault code] display “P106900 – collision cutoff has been triggered”, and the next step will be carried out when the fault code cannot be cleared.

6.Security login,input password “20103”

7.Execute [system channel match], click the reset of all match values

8.Next, the reset status prompt of all the matching values is executed

9.After the success of the failure code, the power steering is restored to normal.
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