Obdstar Scanner IMMO Upgrade Announcement of November 2020

OBDSTAR Tools IMMO Upgrade Announcement of November 2020


Optimized Roewe RX5 software V31.76

Optimized Roewe EI6 software V31.76

Optimized Roewe RX3 software V31.77

Optimized Roewe EI6 software V31.77

Optimized Roewe 550 software V31.77


Optimized New YUHU software V30.26


Optimized DONGFENG AX7 Software V30.47


Optimized Baojun 530 software V30.49

Optimized Baojun 560 software V30.49


Optimized Tiggo 3 software in manual selection V30.61

Optimized FY 2 sfotware selection system V30.61

Increased Chery K60 smart key system V30.61

Increased Chery Tiggo 8 Smart Key System V30.61

Increased EXEED LX smart key system V30.61


Optimized Opel Zafira’s 2004 password reading V30.55

Optimized the BCM password reading V30.55

Increased GRANDLAND X, CORSSLAND X, COMBO E password reading function V30.55

Increased VXR8 2007-2012 mechanical key and remote control V30.55

Increased ZAFIRA-B 2005- Smart Key V30.55

Increased MOVANO 2010- blade key type 2 V30.55

Increased COMBO D 2012-2017 proximity key V30.55

Increased MERIVA-A proximity key V30.55

Increased CORSA-F blade key V30.55

Increased ASTRA F 1995-2004 remote control V30.55

Increased ASTRA G remote control type 2 (Beta) and type 3 V30.55

Increased CORSA-B 1995-2006 remote control V30.55

Increased OMEGA B 1999- remote control type 2 V30.55


Increased Land Rover Aurora 2016- D70F352X V31.00

Increased Land Rover Aurora 2016- D70F352X V31.00

Increased Land Rover Freelander 22016-D70F352X V31.00

Increased Land Rover Range Rover 2016- D70F352X V31.00

Increased Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2016-D70F352X V31.00

Increased Jaguar F series 2016- D70F352X V31.00

Increased Jaguar XE series D70F352X V31.00

Increased Jaguar XF series 2016- D70F352X V31.00


Optimized the Turkish translation in PEUGEOT_407_BLADE V32.40


Optimized H5 Smart key system V30.31


Optimeized JAC Refine proximity key system V30.68


Optimized FIAT and ALFAROMEO software V32.56

Optimized the menu division of FIAT 500X, FIAT TIPO, FIAT EGEA, and FIAT PANDA 32.56

Increased 500X_2017-2019_ mechanical key V32.56

Inceased Pre-Coding_DELPHI 70F3556(MQB/Megamos AES)_TYPE 2 32.56

Increased 500X_2017-_BLADE V32.56

Increased TIPO_2017-_BLADE V32.56

Increased EGEA_2017-_BLADE 32.56


Optimized CAS4 programming software V30.40


Increased Jeep RENEGADE (Freeman)_Mechanical Key_2017- V33.16

Increased VPW function for following models:

Chrysler 300C_blade Key_2001-2004 V33.16

Chrysler 300M_blade Key_1998-2000 V33.16

Chrysler CONCORDE (Super Old Model 300) _blade key_1998-2004 V33.16

Chrysler GRAND VOYAGER_blade key_2001-2008 V33.16

Chrysler LHS_blade key_1999-2001 V33.16

Chrysler NEON _blade key_2000-2005 V33.16

Chrysler PACIFICA_blade key_2004-2008 V33.16

Chrysler PT CRUISER _blade key_2001-2005 V33.16

Chrysler SEBRING_4-door solid roof_blade key_2001-2006 V33.16

Chrysler SEBRING_capable car_blade key_2001-2006 V33.16

Chrysler TOWN&COUNTRY _blade key_2001-2007 V33.16

Chrysler VOYAGER _blade key V33.16

Dodge CARAVAN _blade Key_2001-2007 V33.16

Dodge DAKOTA_blade Key_2001-2004 V33.16

Dodge DURANGO _blade key_2001-2003 V33.16

Dodge INTERPID_blade Key_1998-2004 V33.16

Dodge RAM _blade key_2002-2005 V33.16

Dodge STRATUS_4-door solid roof_blade key_2001-2006 V33.16

Jeep Cherokee _blade Key_2002-2007 V33.16

Jeep GRAND-CHEROKEE _blade Key_1999-2004 V33.16

Jeep LAREDO _blade Key_1999-2004 V33.16

Jeep LIBERTY_blade Key_2002-2007 V33.16

Jeep WRANGLER _blade key_2001-2006 V33.16

Jeep RENEGADE_blade Key_2017- V33.16

Optimized English menu V33.16

Optimized WRANGLER (Wrangler) smart key V33.16


Optimized L60 software V30.48