Autel IM608 Program Audi A6 C6 4F 2005 All Keys Lost

This is a 2005 Audi A6 C6 4F. The customer lost all the keys. I need to connect wires 15 and 30 to the fuse box and turn on the power. Took about 10 minutes of work, very easy job, made dealer key and programmed the key (aftermarket key) with Autel MaxiIM IM608. IM608 has no instructions for this car and this situation.

The internet was connected all the time the device was used no idea how much depends on it or not but the success of the key programming and the customer have a great day getting the car running again. There is no Immo data on the instrument cluster that does not need to be switched on. There is only extra power for elv and ecu then you can read the data and get it to work. Maybe someone needs a guide to do the same job.

Audi A6 C6 4F All keys lost OBDII procedure with Key Programmer Autel IM608:
Step 1: Read IMMO Data
Step 2: Read PowerClass (Read CS & PIN)
Step 3: Modify the IMMO Data
Step 4: Make a dealer key
Step 5: Adapt the key to the immobilizer system

Those fuses you jumped here in 2007 Audi A6 would be:
15 amp fuse 31 Rev. lights, multitronic, eng. comp.
30 amp fuse 38 wiper system