Excessive Black or Gray Smoke in The Caterpillar Engine Lubricant Causes and Solutions

This page describes the generation of coolant and excessive black or gray smoke in the Caterpillar 325C Excavator Engine Lubricant Causes and solutions

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A.The possible causes of coolant in the lubricating oil and the troubleshooting methods are as follows.
(1) The core of the engine oil cooler is damaged. Given the faulty engine oil cooler install a new movement.
(2) The cylinder head gasket is damaged. Install a new cylinder head gasket. Tighten the bolts securing the cylinder head.
(3) The cylinder head is cracked or faulty. Install new cylinder head.
(4) There are cracks or faults in the cylinder block. Install new cylinder.
(5) The front cover gasket is damaged. Install a new hood gasket.
(6) The bleeding hole of the water pump is blocked, and the water seal of the water pump is faulty. Clear the blockage in the water pump weep hole. Replace the water oil seal.

B. The possible causes and troubleshooting methods of excessive black or gray smoke are as follows.
(1) Insufficient air during combustion. Check the air filter for blockage. The maximum pressure of the air filter is 7.5kPa.
(2) The fuel injector is faulty. Install new fuel injectors.
(3) Fuel injection timing error. Adjust timing.

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