GM Software 2024.04 Free Download & How to use gm tech2

What’s GM Software?

1. when you want to test before 2010 year GM car, you can use the tech2win software to test it,run fast and stable:
TIS2000 software link, software only can work with XP system, it can not work with window 7, window 8 or window 10 system:

2. when you test after 2010 year gm car, you can use gm gds2 software:

GDS2 2019 v20.3.05100 Download:!MM9G3QKC!wBDkzJoTJQjwsigjMxugD28k5cd4GYsotYixnrGUaCU

GDS2 v17.0.08000!TMYhDQZD!4iL-8MfCZwekmAZcqcftZ5i66uPoMIHoL2nafRdGxDI

Include:GDS2 v17.0.08000, GM Global 2017.7.1,MDI

GDS2 Download Software V19.0.05700 Link!Z8h1yT7b!7yk0G8Boz_3HELuAVNiF-Q

GM Global-Opel 2018.1 Packages!olpWhIqI!PjJVBzwAJw9T3x5HIbGAxQ

GM GDI GDS2 2024.04 Tested Work 100%

If you have obtained a New “GYMKO” Tech2 Clone Scanner and want to get your feet wet with its various functions… or even for Experienced Users… Here are some Additional TIS2000 “How-Tos” and Instructional Videos that will assist with cutting to the chase scenes when using either your OEM or “GYMKO” Tech2 Scanners or in combination with the Laptop Computers for Specific Tasks.

GM Tech 2 Scan Tool Software Version:

For GM
GM – English 33.004 1991-2014
GM – Spanish 33.002 1991-2014
GM – Germany 32.007 1991-2013
GM – Japanese 32.006 1991-2013
GM – French 32.007 1991-2013
GM – Italiana 32.007 1991-2013
GM – Portuguese 32.002 1991-2013
GM – Korean 32.002 1991-2013
GM – China 32.002 1991-2013

OPEL – English Newly Update to V180 1997-2014
OPEL – Italian Newly Update to V180 1997-2014
OPEL – Polski Newly Update to V180 1997-2014
OPEL – German Newly Update to V180 1997-2014
OPEL – Turkish Newly Update to V180 1997-2014

GM Tech2 Card Opel Software Update to V180 Support Cars from the Year 1997 to 2014

SUZUKI – English V01.210.020

SAAB – English V148.000

ISUZU – English CAN-BUS V180 2006-2015 (CAN-BUS support car models after 2010)
ISUZU – English K-Line V11.680 1996-2014 (K-line support car models from 1996 to 2014)

For Holden
Holden – English  V149.000 1999-2013 (For North American Area Only)
Holden – English V147.000 1999-2012 (For Australia)

GM Tech 2 Scan Tool Features:

1. Authentic GM software in the Tech 2 Flash means the most comprehensive diagnostic software available for late model GM vehicles.
2. Support for on-board diagnostics on all GM systems 1994 thru current year.
3. Removable hardware modules provide insurance against scan tool obsolescence.
4. Large, easy-to-read backlit screen.
5. RS232 & RS485 ports provide the avenue to connect future devices to your Tech 2 Flash.
6. Ability to capture stored DTCs, Freeze Frame, and Failure Record for later review.
7. Ability to view the status of vehicle diagnostic tests as they run.
8. Bi-directional The authentic GM 1992-current year software will provide full bi-directional control when performing power train, chassis, and body diagnostics.

An industry change in protocol from OBD II to Controller Area Network (CAN) has begun.In order to perform diagnostics on a vehicle that uses the CAN interface; you will need the Tech 2 Flash and a CAN diagnostic interface module.The module connects between the Tech 2 Flashs diagnostic link cable and the OBD adapter.
Once the module is connected,it can be used on all GM vehicle applications,even those vehicles using other platforms such as OBD I and OBD II.

How to install TIS2000 Software on ANY Computer with ANY Operating System (Windows, MAC, Linux):

The BOSCH Tech 2 OEM “How to Use the Tech 2 Diagnostic Scanner” PDF:

How to Use the Tech 2 Diagnostic Scanner Video:

How to Install TIS2000 and GLOBALTIS Software on a Windows Laptop Computer:

How to Perform a CASE Re-Learn on a GMC Vehicle

How to Clear ABS Codes using the GM Tech2 Scanner

GM MDI Global TIS/Tech2/GDS Operate Steps:

How to use GM MDI interface for programming

How to Use the GM Tech2 with the TIS2000 Software to Program the PCM

How to Program a Single Module Using either the “Pass-Thru” or the “Go-Between” Method:

How to Unlock the Radio in a Trailblazer using the GM Tech2:

How to Bleed ABS Brake System using the GM Tech2 Scanner:

How to Replace the DC-2-DC Power Converter in GM Tech2 Scanners that will NOT Boot Up:

How to Install and Use the CANDI Interface on a GM Tech2 Scanner: (Images Included)

PDF with Images explaining Testing the Tech2 Clone:

PDF with Images explaining the Performing the Keyboard Test on the Tech2 Clone:

PDF with Images explaining Upload/CANDi Procedures of the Tech2:

PDF with Images of RS-232 Loop Back Test of the Tech2 Clone: