How long can a car battery last

In general, the service life of ordinary car batteries is about 2-3 years, but now most cars use maintenance-free batteries, which are relatively more durable and have a longer service life. In general, they can be used for about 3-4 years. If it’s well maintained, it will last longer.

There is generally no one-size-fits-all answer to automotive battery life, as there are many factors that affect battery life. Besides the brand of the battery, the main factor affecting the battery life is the usage of the vehicle. Replace the new battery.

Caution in daily life:
1. Avoid prolonged parking in outdoor parking lots. If you park for a long time, remove the battery and take it with you to prevent the battery from freezing.

2. The car engine is not easy to start in winter. The time to start the vehicle should not exceed 5 seconds each time, and the interval between restarts should not be less than 15 seconds. If the ignition often does not start, you should find the cause in other aspects such as the circuit, ignition coil or oil circuit. Avoid repeated non-stop starts as this may burn out the battery from over-discharging.

3. The car battery should be charged regularly. If left unused for a long time, it will slowly discharge until scrapped. Therefore, the car should occasionally start to charge the battery.

4. Periodically clean the battery terminals and apply special grease to protect the wiring harness. Always check the accessories and cables on the battery.

5. After the car is turned off, it is forbidden to use electrical devices of the car. If the engine uses the battery alone without generating electricity, it will be damaged.

In addition, to achieve the best car battery life, be careful not to over-discharge or lose power to the car’s positive plate prevent battery from softening. The car battery is charged in such a way that the life of the car battery is the longest and this important part of the car battery is always in top condition.