How to Solve digimaster 3 correction 2005 nissan altima mileage failure?

One of our customers had such a problem using Original Yanhua Digimaster 3, When he used this tool to correct 2005 nissan altima, But it failed and prompted ‘Wire reversal’ and ‘Abnormal power’. How to solve this problem?

Engineer replied:

The chip clip is not properly clamped, so the pin detection fails.

Please adjust the chip clip and press test again.

Use power cords to connect Digimaster 3 and the solderless adapter. Then use the chip clip or Yanhua socket. Connect the chip and solderless Yanhua adapter. The red wire must match pin 1 of the chip. Select the appropriate chip model by SELECTING from the adapter, if you pass the PIN recognition, connect the adapter and the Digimaster 3. Then select the meter system, car make and car model to change the mileage.

Yanhua Mini ACDP Puncture Socket correct connection diagram: