How to use Launch X431 device to reset airbag crash data for Tesla model S

This guide will show you how to use the Launch X431 device to reset airbag crash data for Tesla Model S. The function is used to reset airbag crash data in order to recycle the airbag ECU (Electrical Control Unit).

Note:In some countries, erasing airbag crash data without changing airbag assembly is not legal. So,we highly recommend to replacing car’s entire airbag assembly.

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Launch X431 V Pro or Launch X431 PAD V

Android diagnostic devices, Tesla airbag repair designated connector

TESLA V10.02 or above version

Airbag ECU connection position

Airbag ECU wiring diagram

PW: Power wiring, wire two position to write EEPROM.
+12V: 12V power supply
GND: Ground wire
CAN_H: CAN high
CAN_L: CAN low

Tesla airbag repair designated connector wiring diagram

Resetting airbag crash data software operation procedure

Go into Tesla software, select Model S->Special Function->Service AIRBAG,as shown in figure 1, or select Model S-> System Selection–> SDM Airbag-> Special Function, as shown in figure 2, it will display the following menu.

Read airbag ECU memory, select Read EEPROM menu, when reading is done, input backup file name, select backup file storage directory, data backup is done.

Input backup file name, for example “Model_s_20210520”

Click “OK”to backup data.

Read EEPROM and backup finished

Erase crash record, go into Erase Crash Record menu, the software will run for several seconds and will automatically finish it.

Re-write airbag ECU battery backup data, select “Write EEProm” menu.

Select backup file

Click “Model_s_20210520.bin” to select back file

Click “OK”button

Edit backup data. Press [YES] to use default data. Press [Auto Set] to automatically modify value (recommended). Press [Memory Dump] to manually modify backup data.

If you press [Auto Set], it will skip this procedure. Press [Memory Dump], you can manually modify backup data. Start address is where the system starts to read backup data and it can be modified manually. After entering start address, press [Confirm] to write modified data, click [Restore] to recover it to old value.

Write Data

Perform “Clear Fault Code” function, and then put airbag ECU back on vehicle.

If you find the above procedure is cumbersome, please click [Crash Data Resetting Automatically] menu, it will automatically perform all procedures.