How to use XTOOL X100 pro2 add 2019 Ford Ranger Explorer keyless spare key

XTOOL X100 Pro2 and XTOOL X100 Pro3 is able to program a keyless backup key on a 2019 Ford Ranger / Explorer, bypass security and add a key very easily and efficiently.

Firstly, prepare one new key remote. And then hook X100 pro2 up 2019 Ford Ranger Explorer via OBD.

Press “Start /Stop” button to turn on ignition.

Start to operate on XTOOL X100 pro2 by following the on-screen guide:
> Immobilizer
> Ford V27.15 (the version will be newer and newer)
> Select area (China Ford, North American Ford, AUS Ford)
> Smart Key system
> Explorer -> 2015 – 2019
> Current number of keys:2
> Add a key
> Open the hazard warning lights
> Please turn IG ON
> Reading security code, please wait about 10 minutes.
> The key to be programmed into the card slot (slot in hand box or under cup holder next to the handbrake), press [OK] to continue.
> Program success, if you want to program the next key, press “Yes” to continue, press “No” to return.
> Back to select “Read number of keys”, it is 3 (it was 2).
> Next is to test if the key remote works, perfect, it can work, it can start the car no mater it is in the car or out of the car.
You have finished the job!

Any question you have please contact us.