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Pay attention to installing BMW ICOM and MB SD C4 C5 hard disk

Many customers who have purchased BMW ICOM A2 A3 Next and MB STAR C4 C5 hard disks have told us that the hard disks cannot be used normally.   There is an important step to remind everyone.   When this prompt appears in your laptop, you need to select: Start window normal,   Please don’t […]

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V2019.05 Newest BMW ICOM Software ISTA-D ISTA 4.17.13 ISTA-P with Engineer Programming

We have BMW ICOM A2,BMW ICOM A3,BMW ICOM PRO+A3,they have the same software.   BMW ICOM Software Version : V2019.05 ISTA – D: 4.17.13,with SDP Programming Database 4.17.11 ISTA – P: with Engineer Programming,supports the programming of BMW motorcycles and electric vehicles can program F/G/I/K chassis for car (through the ICOM, not other cable […]

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How to set WIFI for BMW ICOM NEXT A+B+C New Generation OF ICOM A2 With 2018.12V Engineers software?

1.Set router username:ISAP password:12345678 2.Connect the laptop with router 3.The device is powered on and waits for the WLAN light to be on for a long time.   If the customer needs to set the WIFI account password of BMW ICOM NEXT A+B+C.Power on the device and connect to the computer via a network cable 1.Open […]

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Why should you choose V2018.07 BMW ICOM A2/A3+B+C+D with laptop full set?

We can offer BMW ICOM A2/A3+B+C+D for with V2018.07 software plus laptop.Our engineer can install and test ok for you to use.It is more convenient. Software Version : V2018.07 Support Multi-language: American English, British English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Czech, Swedish, Dutch, Indian, Greek, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese Support Vehicles: For BMW […]

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INPA K+DCAN cable vs ENET cable vs BMW ICOM A2 (icom next)

Any cost-effective DIY solution of BMW diagnostic/coding/programming? First you should know which BMW TOOLS you need: K+DCAN or ENET or ICOM A2/ ICOM Next. In summary, It depends on your purpose (diagnostic or coding or programming) and model (Exx or Fxx or others). For Coding, you need different Tools, NCS Expert / SP-Daten for E-Series and […]

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How to diagnose vehicle fault code by BMW ICOM and ISTA-D software

Today illustrate how to diagnose vehicle fault code by BMW ICOM and ISTA-D software:Check all car module status,and delete fault code memories.   Tool used:BMW ICOM A2 WIFI or BMW ICOM NEXT Software used:BMW ICOM HDD ISTA-D 4.06.31   Step1:Connect vehicle with ICOM,open ISTA-D 4.06.31. First you need test your car.Go”Vehicle information”→”Control unit tree”→”Star vehicle […]

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